USPS Sending in report- Need help please

Good afternoon/evening

I have a quick question. I just completed an USPS shop and I answered all the questions and I have uploaded the two require pictures and it is not letting me send in the report.

I have looked it over three times and I don't see anything missing. All of answers to my questions were YES.

I have e-mail the scheduler but does any one else have any ideas/suggestions.


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Is it that nagging first question where you have to select "regular box shop" (assuming it was).
I have experienced something similar when the page didn't load correctly. It wouldn't even let me save my answers! Now I always check to make sure the save button is present at the bottom before starting the report. If it's not, refeshing usually helps.

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I always miss that question about the type of shop at the top of the page. I somehow think it must not be there til later otherwise how can I just miss it so often.
Can you open it in the app and try ‘jump to errors’? If not, some of the common errors I’ve found are that the clerk I.d has to be two digits (08 not 8) or missing a digit on the bill I’d or tracking number. Hope this helps.
One of the postal shops requires something like .00 or 0.00 in one of the fields when then other fields are OK with a different format. I usually forget until the job won't let me submit and I check for errors.
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