I really messed up my report!

Oh my gosh. I just opened an email sent to me 14 hours ago from Market Force saying my report was rejected. I was out doing shops today and then reports and have only just now checked my emails. I am in a state of shock and embarrassment! It seems about 1 year ago I did not do a shop on time and they got mad and took away some of my shop opportunities. I have tried this past year to be very careful and not reschedule any shops or be late with reports. NOW I screw up so bad and don't see the email until 14 hours later!
Okay, you are asking what I did. I had 2 gas station shops on the same day. One was 35 miles away and one was 50 miles away. Long day, lots of miles. When I got home, it appears that on one of the reports I submitted 19 duplicate photos! They rejected the shop that was 50 miles away and a higher pay, saying the photos were duplicates of the other shop. I got to thinking about it and was suddenly very fearful that I actually was reporting on the wrong location in each shop! Maybe I opened the wrong shop each time and reported on the wrong location! AGH! I have never figured out a way to print my finished reports from Market Force, so I can't be sure exactly what happened. But, I am mortified!
I responded to the rejection letter right away and begged them to let me fix the report. Then, I sent them all of my photos in follow up emails. But, I have never gotten an email from that email address before, and I do not even know if they check the mailbox for replies! So, I emailed the help desk and begged them for help to fix this situation.
I don't know why I felt the need to come here and burden you with my mess up, but I just needed someone to witness my shame! What else can I do? I will not get any sleep tonight, waiting to see if Market Force even acknowledges my emails tomorrow. Can anybody suggest what I else I can do to fix this mess?

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They are not consistent about if and when they'll let you fix anything.

I'm sorry. You'll have to wait and see what they say.
Sorry to hear about the 2 shops. The way I save my reports is to do a highlight, copy and paste into a file or another editor that I name with the shop date. Hope they take your corrections !
You are working as a contractor for them. They do not have to forgive anything. If something is wrong, they have the right to reject the report. I guess you will just have to accept it. Be more careful the next time....
..and sorry this happened but watch yourself with MF. I know many won't work for this company. They are extremely strict.
I'm sorry - I know the horror and shame you are feeling. I once shopped the wrong location and got a rejection - and I was appalled with myself for having done that! They put it right back on the Job Board. To add insult to my already-personally-induced-injury, my brother grabbed the shop and did it right.

They DO monitor the email box and I feel sure you will get a response. I don't know if they will let you fix the problem. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. After 14 hours, they may have already put the shop out on the Job Board for another shopper. If that has happened, they definitely won't let you fix it. Don't email them any more photos. They specifically ask you not to submit photos through email unless they ask for them, so wait to hear from them. IF they allow you to fix it, they will email you and probably open the shop up so you can make the corrections directly to the shop.

I think there's nothing more you can do at tis point except wait. Try not to worry and just accept whatever happens.
I know it's very embarrassing when this happens. I once had a report rejected from MF because I did the wrong scenario for a home improvement shop!! Nothing I could do. That was over a year ago. It hasn't stopped me from seeing that same Client, and I also see all the other ones in my area. So just take a DEEP breath and relax. If, perchance, this door closes, you will find other ones to open. You'll get through this.
MF rejected my very first job for them, and are still sending me jobs which I have made up for..you'll be fine, way too hard on yourself.

Live consciously....
Take a deep breath. Whenever I mess up, I always tell myself "It's just a shop." Don't worry, you will still have a lot of work from them. I've had shops rejected from MF for various reasons and I still work for them. I know it's difficult knowing all the hard work that went into those shops. But, at the end of the day "Just a shop."
Okay. Thank you all for kind words and and getting me back to reality. I don't know why a rejected shop is so hard to take, other than knowing that you filled out the report in good faith and a sudden rejection is startling. I did hear back from Market Force today. They opened the shop back up to me. The photos were all correct! So, I resubmitted them and let them know that they were correct after all.

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Yay! smiling smiley

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As far as rejected shops go, at least it wasn't a high-end restaurant or a hotel. Glad things worked out with the other shop.
I recently had a shop rejected and I almost cried. I went to the wrong location......DOH!!! The editor was nasty too. But, I figure I've sent my share of nasty emails. Hopefully he gets over it since all of my other reports were 10/10.
Speaking of nasty feedback, I once got an extremely harsh one. I tried explaining why I did the shop the way I did as politely as I could.(Well, mum taught me all that kill with kindness stuff) To my surprise, the editor apologized specifically saying that her feedback was too harsh and I hope I forgive her. Well, mum you are always right but I won't admit it to you.

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