Looking for Companies That Offer Airport Mystery Shops

I'm in the process of getting an airport badge in the NY/NJ area and I'm looking for MSCs that offer post security airport mystery shops. Anyone care to share a few names? Thanks!

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Customer Service Experts has plenty of airport shops. I got an email from the scheduler and they're looking for shoppers to do list shops at JFK and EWR. International Service Check has some airport duty free shops too.
Shops at the airport are pretty much the same as your regular shops. Just make sure you look like a traveler. I usually bring a backpack or luggage. Be prepared to have a backstory about your "travel plans" that makes sense for the terminal you're shopping in (i.e. flight destination, boarding time, etc.).

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Before being badged it seems like I saw lucrative airport shops all the time. After getting badged it seems most of them do not work out for me. I happen to live very close to the airport so I see the airport shops within my shopping radius on some sites. When you are at the airport if you see a store there that you already shop you can contact the scheduler for that shop and ask if they offer airport locations.
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