Gas station shops

Are those $5 gas station shops worth it? The one with $1 reimbursement. Are they that easy since they pay only $5?

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Any shop that pays only $5 is not worth the time to write the report. It's a more efficient usage of time to do paying shops and you can buy your gas from a cheaper station without filing out a report on it.
A phone shop pays $4-5 and you don't have to leave home, buy anything, or use your gas and put wear and tear on your vehicle. $5 is insulting IMO.
@AZwolfman I don't even think its free gas. Its a $1 reimbursement like to buy gum or something and then a $5 pay
@CoffeeQueen I agree. I asked for a bonus of $5 and she said no. I looked at the questionnaire and it seems like its just a checklist no narrative. Its also down the street from my house. But you're right.. I still don't think its worth it. They have a bunch of them too. Maybe they'll eventually offer a bonus if no one picks them up??
This must be from a MSC that I don't deal with. I do a lot of gas stations and no way would I do one for $5.00, even if it was down the street from me.
I would not do any shop at that price since I just do not feel it is worth my time. MSC's that consistently low ball are off my list.
There are a bunch of midwest convenience stores offering $7. They don't require photos, and are pretty easy, but for $7 I can't even make a route of them worth te gas to get from shop to shop.
I have done them BUT I do a route with instinctive. Middle to the last week of the month works best. I have done as many as 15 a day BUT I had to drive 600 miles and a night in a hotel.
Bmttinman, unless you were filling in with more remunerative shops, I do not see the profit in 15 shops and driving 600 miles. Even at $10 a shop, I don't even see break-even in there.
Maybe the "profit" is less income tax due because of write offs & losses? There's more to this, I'm sure. We just don't know it.

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