BUFFALO WILD WINGS: Shopped again with a new msc, NYC tri state area.

Just noticed them being shopped in the NYC tri state area. Recall somebody asking about these shops weeks back, so here you go...

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$10 fee for staying at least an hour at the bar. Can't arrive until 9PM or later!
$10 in May, but, at least in Ohio, raised to a $15 fee for June; in addition, $25 for the reimbursement. If, as with myself, one thoroughly enjoys the food, it certainly is quite an enjoyable evening. Although I have been shopping since 2003, I did not have experience with integrity assignments. This lack of skills required me to spend an inordinate amount of time on the reports and re-submissions. Fortunately for me, the editors were very understanding and supportive. I now have an understanding of the report. As I am sure those of you who are skilled in this type of work can attest, it is somewhat different from the normal job.

If the late hour is not a problem and one enjoys BWW, I definitely recommend these locations. I am not aware of any other such shops that will pay $15, permit a $25 meal, do not have picture requirements AND do not mandate a guest. If you know of any, please share.
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