Background check for financial shops: Impact on credit report?

Hello all! - Do background checks impact credit report / score? MSC is requiring as step 1 for money wire/transfer shop. Thanks.

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I don't do them, but had a bank credit card inquiry and was told by banker they do require a hard credit check, and declined. MSC instructions didn't say that, I fought it and will be paid even though I didn't fill out application.
Check with scheduler before doing it.

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If you mean criminal background check, those have nothing to do with your credit score.

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OP didn't say anything about a criminal check, I had a background check done for The Source and they didn't do a credit check, you do need background checks for certain jobs, so I say no impact to credit. .

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Hi JSM2019,

I'm not sure which company this is for, but Informa does these types of shops. We do require a background check. The check does not include a credit check, just a criminal history check as required by the client. Hopefully that helps.

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A background check should not include a credit check. If they want your credit report, that's what they should request (and I imagine they would). You should also be given a full disclosure to sign before they do anything. The company that does the background investigation should get your written consent.

And yeah, "background check" is used to mean criminal history.
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