That feeling when you did a shop for $10...

That feeling when you did a shop for $10, and now it's on the board for $20....Ugh! Who else keeps a record of shop pricing trends so you learn not to jump at the lower end of the scale, next time?

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Sorta but but not really - I once did a comic book shop that looked like it would be around $25 with fee & purchase. It turned out to barely be 10 bucks because the store's not supposed to release certain titles before a certain date. I spent time on a whole lotta nothin'. Luckily, a casino was right across the street, so my mood was assuaged.
I do have a general idea of how much shops go for and what the bonuses are...

But I pick them up based on my available time and based on how much I need money and/or how much I need or want the item/service being shopped (like a super coupon). I also don't pick them up farther than 10 miles away unless I'm already going to that area.
I just keep a mental note to hold out a little longer next time if I see a trend of rising fees with that type of shop. The first time that happened to me I was upset lol I felt like asking for a price adjustment.
Recently, my big 'close to a hundred bucks' went up to a hundred bucks at other locations after I completed my shop. This was local, so anything more than three cents would be profit. But still!

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Personally, I do not take a job where I had done it for 17.00, and now it's 11.00. Taking a 10.00 job makes me feel dumb and desperate, that's the way it is. I have done it since they are in my town and I'm there anyway,
still I feel now they are using the shopper as costs have up, (gas) but, one must do what one must judgement.

Live consciously....

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I used to do a shop where you would evaluate either the gas station or the RV park. They were 2 separate jobs and each had a fee. Just noticed that they have combined the 2 jobs now but the fee did not go up. Two jobs for the price of one? I will just pass.
I have been seeing this over and over, glad to be retired....#working for peanuts.

Live consciously....
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