That feeling when you did a shop for $10...

That feeling when you did a shop for $10, and now it's on the board for $20....Ugh! Who else keeps a record of shop pricing trends so you learn not to jump at the lower end of the scale, next time?

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I hear you! I did a shop for $70 that was $105 the next day. I have also seen $10 jobs offered for $20, or $35 car shops that will go up to $100.

It depends if you need the money. If you wait, the job might be gone. It's risk reward.
Exactly, Niner. In my case, I was literally already 1/2 a block down, so I did it, but still, it's a tad irritating.
One app increased their shop to $10, I was avoiding them when they charged it to $8.50 crazy.Glad it is back to acceptable.

They at one point had a shop for $15-17 bucks now it is down to $12.

The wonderful world of supply and demand. When they find people holding out or not interested. They increase the fee.

I work another points app, when from making 350-500 points (3-5 bucks) for a short shop to 175 points ($1.75). WTF was so mad, not doing shops for them until it is back up smiling smiley

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