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New to this. These are up to $10 in my area. Worth it? Don't want to jump in and take from someone who may need them worse than me but waiting for pay increase. I'm only making vacay $$. Have a husband for the rest. Thank you.

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Depends on the MSC and requirements. I did a couple yesterday for Alta360 at $10 plus $1 reimbursement that I have done in the past as filler shops for a route. Apparently the requirements have changed and they now need a picture of each pumped well as the exterior, price sign and restroom. The pump photos are a major hassle as you will probably need to wait for customers to leave so you can get a clear and full picture of each pump. You do have a letter of authorization if needed, but difficult to avoid getting customers annoyed if they see you nearby taking photos. Also took extra time to organize, rename and upload all the photos. It was not worth the time and effort so will not do them again unless they are heavily bonused.
If you are looking at those on one of the apps, they are not bad and are paid fast. I took a suggestion from another poster and googled the locations to see how many pumps there are. I have started with the smaller locations and as the pay goes up, will move on to the larger locations.
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