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Hey! I just tried to take this tonight as the PO shops were just listed and it is saying I failed it. I have taken this test a hundred times and never had any issues passing it. I double checked my answers from the guidelines in case something changed and my answers were all correct. You only have 3 chances so I don’t want to retry taking it before I see if anyone else is having issues? I’m trying to figure out if its a technical issues or what.. I already emailed the scheduler I always work with on these shops but know I won’t hear anything until tomorrow...

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I passed it the other day. on the first try. The questions for a Regular Box shop are largely new, and appear to be focussed on issues shoppers must be having problems with. Of course, counting the number of people in line seems pretty basic. The only one that I shook my head at was one where there appeared to be a "customer group" rather than a single person.

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Yeah I saw that it was different but so easy that’s why I’m confused about failing it. My pictures of the people were really blurry, the one where people were in a line looked like 5 but the highest option was 4... they took the picture from behind which I thought was strange instead of from the side where you could see clearly. I wanted to see if there was some issue with the test or what so thought I’d ask some people that took it already. Thanks for your feedback!
I think taking the photo from behind was realistic. I always get in the back of the line myself, so I see what it in front of me.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
@myst4au wrote:

I passed it the other day. on the first try.

Same. There are no tricks on this test.
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@bmw41486 wrote:

Which company are the usps shops please?

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
@bmw41486 wrote:

Which company are the usps shops please?
As stated above we can’t say.. I suggest signing up with more companies if you don’t see them. There’s a list on the bottom of the page. Good luck!
I passed on the first try. My advice is to not count the actual number people at the counter, but how many groupings of people. Like, on mine, it looked like two people were definitely together at the counter, so they would be one customer. Another is the number of clerks. There may be clerks at the counter, but not all of them are open. The one that does not have a customer is not open. The box size question has more than one option(A, B, C, D) correct.
I received an email from my scheduler she said a lot of people are missing the number of people in line and she said it was due to the angle. I changed my answer and passed. So all is good!

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thank you for the hints. I finally passed it on the 5th try (I emailed and had it reset).

I also must add (at least for me) I could not do the menu board pictures one as my guidelines did not have a visual comparison of them. I had to look up the old guidelines which had the pictures. if the picture was there, it simply did not want to download then.
I am not sure if they changed the picture but the one about people in line and at the window was a bit tricky. Look at what they are doing. I cannot even see 5 people in line whether they are in line, together or not there are clearly only 4 people in the picture. The key is who in the picture you count, not how many people are in the picture.
Glad you passed. You do get enough tries to keep on trying.
I am also having trouble. I also e-mailed the scheduler. Hopefully she will reply so I can do the shop next week.

Most of the shops you can find the scheduler's email under "Work Hours/Scheduling Contact" in the top section of the report. You can also find in the same place on the drop-down menu when you click on the "i" next to the specific job on the screen where all your assigned jobs are listed.

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