The irony is not lost on me...

"A plague upon you and your descendants if your report is not turned in absolutely within [this amount] of hours after completing the shop."

"We will pay you eventually some time, probably.

There are exceptions and a big thank you to them.

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Dear MSC,

Thank you for the nasty gram that I received today warning me that I am late in completing an assignment.

How irresponsible of me. I did apply three days earlier and received the assignment at 5 PM on the day it was due.

That was a close ended question that was impossible for me to answer because it did not reply and it did require an answer. I emailed you that evening. Next time I will visualize all the possible things that could happen at the assignment and ask every possible question beforehand. I clearly had time to complete it by midnight. I should have anticipated that you were going to give me the job at 5 PM. Then I could have dressed appropriately, downloaded all of the instructions and read them, and been waiting in the parking lot of this shop rather than attempting this at rush-hour. Who needs to eat?

I certainly need to reevaluate my time management skills. That was clear to me when I got another nasty gram about an assignment being late. I still haven’t figured out how I can answer a question about a call back within 48 hours of doing a shop and still get that evaluation submitted on the day that I did that shop. I am not sure whether I should trust a Ouija board, do something on the international dateline or use a Tardis.

Your client hires you because they want to provide provide a good customer experience, as do I. It has become clear that you provide the best service you are capable of.
@rickgrossman wrote:

I am not sure whether I should trust a Ouija board, do something on the international dateline or use a Tardis.

Tardis, definitely. She may not always take you to the right time/place, but at least when & wherever you land, it will be an adventure!
When the MSC waits for two weeks to ask if I had another photo, and then gives me just a few hours to reply. Dear MSC: I was in my car travelling to Calif and had no time to stop at a Starbucks or McD, log into their wifi to look up the pic on my laptop. Grrrrr
Dear MSC,
Please be patient. Your emails about my late shop have not been ignored. My toddler grandnephews are busy coloring the brochures I created to present to the client. They may not look as professional as the ones you have neglected to send me, but at least the shop will be done...

MissChele - Shopping KY, IN & OH
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