Big Box Store shops Cancelled

Has anyone else received an email letter cancelling these shops? I know some of you were in on the pilot program. I wonder what happened. The Team that handles this client did not know anything.

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I had my upcoming home improvement store jobs canceled today. Could be the same clients that you had.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Yes, Im sure they are the same. Bummer, huh?

A scheduler just confirmed that the program will not proceed.

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Did someone already mention it in another thread? I saw a "desperate" email today, for a targeted paint/deck stain (?) brand rep. It was up to $35 with bonus. I was almost tempted, but nah! So, I still see them.
Monk-N-Nut, I think you are referring to the orange store as opposed to the blue. The blue store is the one I'm referring to. I've done the targeted deck stain shop at the orange store. I found it fairly easy. $35 was a fair fee.
Hey there...these shops are done by 2 different MSC's. Thought the colors would help you derermine who they are. LOL!
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