Filing Taxes on Mystery Shopping

I part time mystery shop for extra money. I do not file taxes, as it doesn't amount to much over the year. Does anyone else do this? Has anyone got in trouble for it?

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What kind of answer did you expect to receive? No one is going to tell you it’s ok to not to report you earnings to the IRS, no matter what the amount.
LOL! My tax preparer this year told me EXACTLY that! He carefully explained how my "refund" would decrease if I reported my self-employment income.

I suspect that was the reason for the "shop", but I am not sure.
Actually there is a number under which you don't have to file. I can't remember what it is but for some reason $400 is popping in my brain. Of course that is from all sources. Also I am not a tax advisor so hey I could be wrong!

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You are correct. There are exceptions; if you have a garage sale, you actually don't have to report that. But if you have a garage sale every week......

I believe what you're referring to is the fact that, when you report, if the total after business deductions is less than $400, you don't have to pay any self-employment tax. Or maybe it's $600.

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The need to file depends on filling status and earnings. It also depends on withholding and whether you want to get it back. has a nice interactive feature which helps you decide whether to file.
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