Can you open Mobee app today?

My Mobee app does not display any missions today. When I tried to search for shops, the app says “something went wrong, please try again”.
I saw tons of new missions available early this morning around 7 am. Then it shows no shops at all. My achievements were not being displayed either. I get the same message on my achievements page. Is it just me? Or do you also have the same problem today?

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If you are still having this issue, UNINSTALL the Mobee app from your phone. Then go back into the app store and re-install it. You'll need to enter your already-established username and password.
Mobee Support replied to a query I sent about Achievements not posting correctly; they said it's a known issue and the programmers are working on a fix.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you for replying! The problem was solved. They accidentally deactivated my account.
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