Am I being stiffed??

Sorry for the late response - was on a route all day. The bonus was $30.

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Ok. So the agreed bonus amount initially offered that you DID agree upon was $30. Then, when you got the confirmation email, it showed $120? Is that correct? Because that changes everything.
So the shop fee was $90 and they added a $120 bonus to make it $210.

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If they can try to “make it up” by offering bonuses on other jobs, they can eat the $30 and make it up by being more careful in the future.

They’re trying to treat you like a chump. Unless you rely on their $90 jobs, I wouldn’t recommend letting them push you. Not just on principle though. If you want future work, you’ll have to gracefully cave.
I don't know if I understand the situation correctly. This is what I get from the OP's posts:

1. The original shop usually pays $90. The MSC offered a $30 bonus, making the total shop pay $120.

2. The MSC is refusing to pay the $30 bonus, saying it was a mistake.

3. The MSC won't budge on the $30 bonus even though it is their mistake. However, it is offering the OP bonuses on two other shops to make up for the $30.

This is how I would handle it:

A. Determine whether the bonuses now offered on two other shops would make up for the $30 bonus the MSC is not honoring. For example, what is the total bonus on the two new shops? Also, would I have accepted the two new shops without the bonus?

B. If I concluded the new bonuses would indeed make up for the $30 bonus, I would accept the new arrangement AFTER I got written confirmation from The Powers That Be at the MSC that CLEARLY set forth the new arrangement. I wouldn't want another "error" after I do the new shops.

C. Never forget what the MSC did. Get paid first. Then, decide how much, if at all, you wish to shop for them in the future.

I care very little how they choose to allocate/label the $30 bonus. I care about getting paid. Who knows? This MSC may have set limits on which shops/projects can offer bonuses and how much those bonuses can be.

As for whether the MSC may try to pull the same stunt again? I will cross that bridge when I get there, i.e. when a future shop offers a bonus.
I've been pretty swamped and not been able to respond.... The advice you got here was pretty good.

I would only add this: We are talking about $30. To a shopper this can make or break whether or not a shop is worth the time. To an MSC, one $30 bonus is nothing. If I had a bonus clearly spelled out in the confirmation and they refuse to pay it after the shop is completed, I'd be pretty miffed. They need to honor the bonus, plain and simple: They entered into a contract with you when you took the shop and they are not living up to their end. The owner can cough up the $30. If the scheduler erred, the owner can take it form him/her. Whatever.

If they refuse to pay, it may not be worth the time to pursue. However, I would personally question whether or not to work with the MSC again. Would they pull back other bonuses in the same way? What if I had designed a multi-day route around five or ten such bonuses and ended up taking a loss on the day? Etc.

As shoppers, we must operate with honesty and integrity or our business fails. The same must be expected of an MSC.

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You're owed the $30, whether on the last shop for which they refuse to pay or on the two shops you have scheduled. You have it in writing (apparently twice -- once in the offer email and again in the confirmation email). Regardless of it being a mistake on their part, you accepted the job with the pay being offered (total of $120). If they make the $30 up on the shops you have scheduled, on top of any other fee or bonus they offered on them, then I'd take it, do the shops, then decide if you want to work with them again. It's unethical for them to enter into a written agreement with you, then renege. It doesn't matter that it was a mistake; it was their mistake, not yours, and they need to honor it.

As others said, if they say they'll make it up on the upcoming shops, get it in writing, verbally, and by carrier pigeon so they can't come back and claim "mistake" again.

This happened to me once. I took a shop only because it was bonused, then the bonus disappeared from my shop log. The scheduler said there wasn't any record of this bonus. I had to email her the offer and confirmation emails showing her there was indeed a bonus. I wouldn't have taken the shop otherwise. They paid it, but I never did another shop for them. Their shops were a PITA, and even the bonus on that one didn't make it worth it.

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I would not trust them to pay the bonus on the other shops. They can just be using the lure of a bonus to get their shops completed then say opps no bonus it was a error again. Bait and switch.
So... things have gotten really weird with this MSC. They ended up not assigning me the two that they offered before and all of a sudden, they're not responding to my emails or assigning shops to me. Whenever I apply for shops, they mysteriously disappear from the Apps page. I keep getting told that the Scheduler is 'really swamped' or the Reviewer had a family emergency. I feel really let down. My rating with them is typically 10/10. I almost want to delete my account with them but a part of me wants to hang on. Oh and if you're interested, their name starts with a W and ends with a K.
I would check with the scheduler who posted the bonus. I had a similar problem with a company once, I sent the scheduler an email and she fixed it so the bonuses showed up.
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