Gas Station gone wrong

I went to do a gas station today. Parked at a pump to get gas and took a few extra minutes to review my notes, expenses, pictures, you get it. Guy comes out yelling at me, hands up in the air, about 100lbs bigger than me. I’ve NEVER had an issue, but not today. Anyone else had issues at gas stations?

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Uncomfortable, for sure. We all have 'special moments' when it would be wonderful to be far away.

Lesson from today: Review your instructions before you get to the site and make your notes after you leave. In this day and age cameras are everywhere so don't linger in the parking lot of a site to evaluate either before or after your visit.
I had a similar situation when I handed my authorization letter to the CSR and asked for her photo. Manager came out screaming and waving his arms and shouting for me to get out. He finally agreed to let me take the outside photos, but none inside.
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