Uploading pics on sassie sites.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading their pics to Sassie? I have been having issues since last week it it has been happening with different MSPs I take the photo and hit start upload, as I always have. The box says 100% uploaded. But it does not go automatically back to the page, and the photo does not load onto the page. This is new just started happening.

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Recently I haven't seen the upload page/box close automatically.

However, since he upload page/box is not full screen, I can see the picture uploading into the report. Once it seems to complete I just close the upload window.
What you described is how it usually happens for me. This week that had stopped. But this afternoon I opened Presto to look for a shop and they had an update to correct photo upload problems so I did the update and all my boards started working again. Funny thing is the shop I was looking for was gone, but it saved me a lot of frustration with my other shops. I had been emailing my schedulers all the pictures.
I haven't ever had issues, maybe it's your browser? Update your browser or try a different one. I currently use Google Chrome.
Thanks for your suggestions I had tried those, once I did the update from Presto maps, the problem has gone away on all the boards.
Today I noticed that once the piks had uploaded and it said 100 percent there would be a little lag time and then it would highlight with green. I could see that the pictures had loaded in the background but didn't it used to automatically take you back? I thought it was just me.
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