The importance of scheduler's responsiveness

E-mailed Lanette at Summit Scheduling regarding 3 gas stations, far away, and hard to fill locations. E-mailed her late on a Saturday evening.

Within two hours, accepted, assigned, printed out, and ready to hit the road.

Alas, haven't yet heard from ANY of the other schedulers I e-mailed at about the same time.

Their hard to fill locations will remain unfilled. Because these locations are hundreds of miles away, and I'm not going there again this month.

sad smiley

Thanks, Lanette!

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I'm glad it worked out.

I guess it depends on what they are doing at the time? I texted one of the Summit Schedulers on Thursday afternoon. She was boarding a plane and getting into her seat. Had I texted her 15 minutes later, she would not have been able to reply for hours.

Honestly, the only one who I expect to reply 24/7/365 is Lorri Kern. She will reply from anywhere in the world it seems - even on an airplane, mid-flight. When I got pulled into Secondary Inspection in Canada, that's who I texted. Everyone else gets a few hours slack from me.
Last day of the month. 3 shops, same MSC/scheduler, due that day with nice bonuses. Applied 5am, by 1pm no word. Finished all my other jobs, canceled the apps and went home. Oh well. I don't understand, though. If I were a scheduler with deadlines so imminent that the bonuses are really high, I would be checking constantly, all day, to see if anyone has applied.

Oh, I'm not complaining. I'm thrilled that one actually replied and gave me shops.

I know that other people have lives -- not everyone is at their computer Saturday evening and night, LOL!!!

It's just that it makes our lives route shopping so much easier when a scheduler IS responsive.
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