When do you know you're too tired to fill in the reports you HAVE to do before you can rest?

Because your error rates go up when you make stupid mistakes because you're too tired to think.

I have a fly on my screen -- a real, live fly.

I found myself "swatting" it with the cursor.

I guess I'd better take a nap.....

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Some companies I have worked with for years would rather get something late from me than have to kick it back. Maritz is one of them. After a long route I come home and sleep. At times, Shop #1 was 12 hours before the last shop of the day, anyway. I don't stay up all night any more. When up loading I explain that I was on a long route and came home to bed, then started working on the reports.

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I don’t know any company that wouldn’t wait for a completed report. They don’t want to deal with reassigning and all that.

Still, I usually push through and am surprised that I don’t get more followups to clarify information.
I am a late night person so I never have this issue. But I do miss a lot of life that seems to happen at 7 or 8 in the morning especially those new jobs that show up when I am still sleeping. I have spent all my life waiting for all the nightbirds to get together and strike against the majority who don't seem to mind getting up at the crack of dawn for life. Amazingly there are lots of us out there who put up with this 7 AM world. Construction is allowed to start in my city at 7 AM and they jump ahead sometimes and start pounding concrete and metal at 6:45!
I do not think having a midnight deadline if you do a shop on the last day of the rotation is fair. Even those of you who are early birds will do a shop at 5 PM or a dinner shop at 8 PM and then have only a few hours to file the report. Last day shops should still get the full 12 hours or 24 hours or whatever to file in my mind. Perhaps you should be able to send just the receipt or whatever proof you have before midnight and do the shop report later so the company is aware it was done on time.
Another reason why I so infrequently do fine dining shops. By the time I have a nice 2 hour meal with wine service and roll my bloated self up to the laptop, it's hard to do a 3 hour report. Yes, it really takes my slow, whining self, about 3 hours for the fine dining shops.....whew! All I want to do is go to sleep.

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We often go out to dinner, get home after nine, and the two hour plus report is due at midnight (ACL).
I know when I am too tired to fill in the report when I literally start nodding off in front of my computer. I usually go make a cup of tea and walk up and down the stairs a few times to get my circulation moving. If walking is difficult for some, I am sure they could do some sit-ups or some form of exercise to get the blood going.
The last time I did that I was trying to fill out 3 gas station debriefs, two customer service checks and a convenience store report. It was close to midnight, I was crying I was so tired. I took out my dentures and put them on the table. I struggled through the last two gas stations finished around two AM. Fell into bed.

Next morning I go to soak my dentures. They are GONE. They are NOWHERE. The only possibility was the rate who lived beneath the floor had stolen them (yes, we had a true rodent infestation). $2500 gone before they'd even been paid off.

18 months later my husband decides to vacuum up rat @#$%& in a dark, rarely used closet. He moves a laundry basket and sees a white semicircle. It's my teeth. Not even chewed. One slight depression. Easy fix. LOTTERY WON! BTW the rats are gone now, so double win.
The late afternoon of 12/28/2012, I accepted a 17 bank branch route through Maritz for 12/31, with the understanding the reports were not due until 01/01/2013. When they need the jobs completed, they become quite flexible.
I fell asleep at the computer a couple nights ago. I'm so glad for the high number of shops we can do with apps, or I'd be much less efficient and probably in tears a lot of nights. I hope you're able to catch up on sleep soon!
Is anyone a heavy sleeper to the point where they cannot wake from an alarm? I am. I'm scared to nap before finishing a report.
SeeLevel has really tight deadlines. The report has to be in by midnight the day of the shop, no exceptions. I once had a shop cancelled after driving 4 hours each way. I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the couch. Fortunately they reinstated it after I explained but yeesh... And before you ask, yes there was a bonus that made it worth the drive.

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Last week I got home from shops at 10 PM -- set my alarm for 2:30 AM so I could rest before filing reports....that danged alarm went off for two and half hours before I finally woke up at 5! Got all the reports in by 10 AM.
Wow, no. I usually wake up before the alarm goes off, though occasionally I sleep until it first starts singing. I haven't slept through an alarm since I was a kid. And I use the most "soothing" alarm setting on my phone because I hate the jarring, abrupt tones.
There is no sleep for the wacky. Or something like that. But seriously! I can only do assignments that pair well with favorable reporting conditions: pics on the phone; enter at least the alpha-numeric while the hubby drives; any narrative is simplistic; report is due the next day. and/or a preponderance of app shops that involve completed reports within moments or minutes of task completion. I have to get up between midnight and two a.m. or so because of other work. This is a good time for quiet house tasks and working out; it is not a good time for reports.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the blue sky, is by no means waste of time. - John Lubbock, "Recreation," The Use of Life, 1894
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Last time this happened to me, it was with a company that I had not worked a lot with. I'd been out all day with the family, visiting the museum; shopping (real life shopping, not jobs); an amusement shop; and went to a fun restaurant. While we were in Denver, I picked up 3 shops, one being the amusement one.

We got home soooo late; had left soooo early in the morning. Day was sooooo busy. sad smiley

I literally had to get up after EACH sentence that I typed into that report and walk around...and even with that, I was typing with my eyes closed and would jolt awake and notice the nonsense that was in the narrative.

One. Sentence. At. A. Time. And I had to work hard to make that ONE SENTENCE cohesive with the paragraph and work for the narrative. A report that should have taken an hour took 7 hours (making the exhaustion worse....never ending cycle)

The other two shops: I emailed the scheduler and said it was such a busy day and late night and just said that I would have them in by 5pm the next day. Woke up at noon to have an email from the scheduler saying, "No prob."

I think that if you are a good shopper with a good rating and you are reliable, communicating with the scheduler is key and they will work with you.

Similar incident a few years ago: got home and had a migraine. Reports due at midnight. Emailed schedulers and said I was taking some serious meds and would be knocked out and would wake up bright and early feeling better and refreshed and would do the reports. They were fine with it.

Also: I think that when they KNOW the shop is complete; and they KNOW that you PLAN on doing the report...that makes a diff too

****Schedulers should read this thread smiling smiley
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