Phone shop troubles

What do you do when you are supposed to conduct a phone shop and it will be late because the mystery shopping company has not responded to me? I am upset because this will be a late shop (if it even gets to be done at all) because the number I was told to call (so it can be patched in and be recorded) has been ringing as busy all morning and now it says it is out of order!
I called the company twice and left a voice mail both times. I also emailed them. I have gotten no response at all. It is due in 15 minutes. I admit I am pretty frustrated right now. This is a company I have not done any work for yet. Any ideas?? The company is Imyst.

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You can't do the shop, just notify the scheduler by email. What do you mean by a late shop? Did the MSC give you a time to call? or are you calling at a later time?

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There isn't a particular scheduler listed in my instructions, so I am trying to contact the email given, which is I have emailed them once and called them three times to leave a message. I am glad you questioned me on the fact that I said it was going to be late because somehow I misread the instructions and it says I have until midnight tonight. I was thinking I had until noon today. Oops. So at least I still have a chance of them contacting me before the deadline. The timeframe I am supposed to call the business is between 7 a.m. this morning and 5 p.m. tonight. So my fingers are crossed that they get in touch with me to give me an alternate number to call at least by 4:00 so I can make the call and type the report.
It's a problem with the line if it's a regular busy for that long. A fast busy is a problem with the trunk. Either way, they know about the problem and won't hold it against you.
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