I flaked

I had a shop on my calendar for today. I did it. I happened to look at my emails when I got home and there was one from the scheduler saying I didn't do it and they're giving it to somebody else. I feel horrible it was supposed to have been done yesterday. ☹ i have never flaked before.

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You didn't email explaining that you mixed up the date and had done the shop today? Seems like they could have put it back easily enough for you to do the report rather than schedule it to someone else for another date.
I got an email that said that they removed it and they're going to give it to somebody else. I replied saying that I had done it and asking if I could input today I haven't heard back yet.
You have been shopping as long as I have. It happens. I’ve done that maybe 3-4 times in 20 years.
Sorry about the question marks they shouldn't have been there. It was assigned to me I have input it. I did it on my computer instead of my phone so that I would not have any mistakes.
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