1 ICA Agreement req making me feel dumb

Hi y'all! I'm trying to self assign a shop in my area offered by Ipsos US but I keep getting an error message that says I am not qualified for this shop because I don't have a 1 ICA Agreement. I assumed this was my independent contractor agreement but apparently not? I have looked on every tab on their website, searched the site and emailed their help but haven't heard anything back. Does anyone know what the 1 ICA Agreement is and how I can acquire one? Thanks.

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Have you clicked on "my profile" under "my settings"? If something is missing, you'll often find it, or a link to it, there.
yes I did. There isnt anything there. I rcd an email from them finally, and they said that I could access this under the Shopper Testing Center, but I can not find anything even remotely like a testing center on the website.
I swear to you that I am normally a fairly intelligent and competent person but this particular task is making me feel like a moron!
Click on the down arrow where it shows your shopper ID and the number of shops completed. You will then see the link for the testing center.
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