Random funny moment

A shop I did this week. The guidelines say they've had problems with mystery shoppers being spotted ... because a shopper checks both the men's and women's bathrooms. Ha!

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Do they? I don't unless it's a revealed audit.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
In California it seems more and more are now unisex. I have to remember to leave the seat down. Your welcome.

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The guidelines kindly pointed out DO NOT check both gender bathrooms otherwise you look odd and suspicious.
We have many that use one bathroom, but not all. Starbucks has one bathroom, I never use it, but there not shopped. Why would a woman use the men's bathroom when the woman's is available, doesn't make sense.

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Oh, I guess only if they are gender binary or maybe identify with the other gender, something along those lines...

Oh, I guess only if they are gender binary or maybe identify with the other gender, something along those lines...
It's a complicated world.....

Live consciously....
I have seen women use the men's room at a Sonic I occasionally shop for. In both cases there was a line for the women's bathroom and no one was using the men's.
When I was in my late teens and early 20s and went to concerts, sometimes girls didn't want to wait in the line to use the women's room and they would go in the men's room. Gross.
I'm a Texas male and can be a slob sometimes, and heck, I don't even wanna use the men's room most of the time. So many of them are disgusting.
I pee-waddled out of a place today without buying anything and without using the facilities (not a shop) because the restroom was gross. I really wanted their product, too. Butt...

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I often use 'the other' restroom because many times they are out of soap & I won't touch anything unless I am able to wash up afterward. Most the time I'm only in there just to wash anyway. I always knock first.

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Not on a shop, but I really had to use the bathroom when I was in a grocery store. The women's bathroom was out of order, so I went to use the men's bathroom. It was disgusting. I ended up holding it until I was blue in the face. I went home.

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When I do shops that have individual single-stall restrooms, I suggest that they both be made into unisex restrooms. This is just more practical, since it reduces waiting when there are two available, and with gender identity issues being more common it is just more modern. If men's rooms are often dirty, they just need to be checking their restrooms more often, since both genders should have clean restrooms.

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