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Hello. I got a package from kss international. Along with a 2400 check. I know i signed up for a secret shopper. How do i know its legit?

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It is not legit. The package did NOT come from us. We are a scheduling company for several mystery shop companies. Pay never comes from us, always the mystery shop company, and no company will send you money before any work is done. Scammers will use the names of legit companies to try to throw you off.
You are going to get a lot of replies to your post. What ever you do, DO NOT deposit that check. It is a well known scam.
You've made a good start by finding this forum. Check out the area for new shoppers, there's a wealth of info there.

Just click on "New Mystery Shoppers" below this thread.
If the package arrived via the USPS, contact the Postal Inspectors.

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You are totally in the right place for this. This forum is the single greatest collection of mystery shopper knowledge - and it's all free!

1. There is a "new shoppers" area. Read, read, read. This will totally introduce the (rather large) world of mystery shopping.
2. Scroll down on this page. Check out the "Official List." There are some 200 companies listed - all legit.
3. If you read this forum, you will find that some very experienced shoppers share quite a bit of information.


@Trlehan wrote:

I would like to find some legit mystery shops. Any tips?

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