Recording one party - two party

In the history of mystery shopping has anyone ever been prosecuted?

A Dad shopping the Ark-LA-Tex and beyond.

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It doesn't matter. In a two-party state this whole subject is a can of worms that the prudent should want nothing to do with. All it takes is one employee disciplined for poor performance to file a criminal complaint. It costs them nothing, it costs you a fortune. All for a $5 shop. And that's just a simple case. Consider an employee who signed a waiver 5 years ago, or 10, or longer, it was never updated or renewed, and they now claim they don't remember it. You are at the mercy of prosecutors, judges and juries, all of whom more and more often do whatever they want without regard to the letter of the law. Where I live it's a felony to record somebody without their knowledge and consent, and I won't touch a recorded shop for any amount.

There are those who disagree. I will leave these shops to them.
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