Google Pixel 3a

Does anyone use the Pixel 3a? If so what can you share about it that's good and what's troublesome about using it for mystery shops?

I have the Pixel 2 and really like it but it's acting up and I'm looking at other options. I guess I thought I needed to replace it with another higher quality phone but people here said budget phones work well for mystery shops, so now I'm looking at the Pixel 3a as it's in the $300 range. (That's less than half of what I paid for my Pixel 2.)

I just thought I'd check here to see if anyone has any info on it.


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The best feature for mystery shopping is the fact that all pictures automatically save to the cloud so you don't need to devote storage space to pictures. Also, I find the transfer to my computer is easier from Google Pixels than other brands. My daughter has a Google Pixel 3a that she loves as it takes really good pictures and has a long battery life. Personally, the lack of bloatware means that the phone is much more customizable so you can put MS shopping specific apps on it without dealing with a lack of storage due to the preloaded stuff that you never use anyway.
I really like my Pixel 2 so I figured the 3a should be decent quality.
Thanks for sharing!
My son uses a Pixel 3a XL. He loves it. Took us a few minutes to figure out how to get the pictures onto the computer for his reports. But the quality of the pics is great, and no matter how hard he tries he can't ruin the pics. lol
Had gotten a Pixel 3 XL last Nov. Thing didn't even last until March 2019 with loving care until the screen went bad. Google stood behind it and sent me a different refurbed unit. There's a reason they have a 1-year new phone warranty. Seems model Pixel 3 XL was one many others had similar issues with.
@titus25.5 wrote:

I have the Pixel 2 and really like it but it's acting up and I'm looking at other options.

Glad you asked this question. I have a Pixel 2 XL I bought Jan 2018. I love the phone but it's starting to have issues too.

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Mine stopped acting up but I have the 3a for a back up and it seems to work great so far but I've only had it a few days. If you go to your Google assistant you can find how to contact Google and see about a replacement because yours is under under 2 years.
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