Walmart Find It Shops

Got an email this morning - assuming from the same MSC that had these shops 6 months ago, although I didn't see their company name anywhere in the email. The email basically says that they have selected shoppers to sign up for their new Walmart project - with updated guidelines and an extension you have to add to your chrome browser. I used to do lots of these shops when I could do them in about 30-40 minutes, but things went down hill when they started limiting it to 1 per shopper, and then adding more time consuming requests. No mention of fee you would earn if you sign up for this "amazing project." Has anyone done the Walmart online search shops lately that can offer some insight?

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I got the same email. Since it did not mention a fee, I did not apply. I thought it looked kind of time consuming.
It did not interest me, but this could be perfect for someone who wants to work from home with little monetary output.
I got the same em too. I went to the google drive and soooo many pages of guidelines. No mention of shopper pay tho, so I think I'll pass.
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