Shadow shopper

I have signed up with many, many companies and have plenty of work to do. I was wondering if there is any value is paying this company. I know they have a free option but I never find anything of interest with that choice.

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Not that I can tell I have always had the firm belief that if you have to pay for it it is not worth it when you can get it for free just by looking on the web.
I just signed up for them and instantly regret it. They send so much mail and most of it is junk. I tried to unsubscribe but I am still getting emails. Also, I hate that basically none of the postings list the MSC or allow you more information before applying. Their interface is awful.
You're unlikely to get any added value from Shadow Shopper. Between Volition (no longer around) and this forum, I haven't seen anyone saying it's worth the $$.
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