Texas Roadhouse. What Happened?

Texas Roadhouse settled a large discrimination lawsuit a few years back but it's hard to imagine the mystery shopping program played any role at all in it: [www.propublica.org]

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I am 76. If any company does not desire to conduct business with me, irregardless of the reason, that is acceptable to me. I know some other folks disagree and that is their prerogative. I am a disciple of laissez faire.
@Chilo wrote:

Everyone else used their name. Too many rules. I never got involved with the forum for these reasons and decided to stop. Not worth all the negativity.

I wouldnt be discouraged. Lots of forum police that love to defend the MSC's with all sorts of stuff.
@bgriffin wrote:

@Chilo wrote:

I am not sure, but a mystery shopper had a bad experience with a Texas Roadhouse where discrimination might have been part of the complaint. They might be putting all shops on hold while they review what happened. Again, I am not sure.

I'm guessing. And it's just a guess. That both the MSC and TR would consider this a breach of your ICA.
whats the rationale behind this guess about being a breach of ICA?
ICA agreements include an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). That's the part that normally says you can't reveal the clients of the company. It also usually has other items in there. At least 1 company that I know of includes that you're not allowed to talk about the company on any form of social media at all. That one is rare, but there are a lot of other items in that NDA. Almost ALL of them include a clause that you can't discuss the results of a shop. IE if someone asks you how the Texas Roadhouse down the street did on your shop you're technically not allowed to answer. It's also the part that precludes leaving reviews or commenting on Facebook, etc. Considering discrimination during a shop is something that most companies would want to keep quiet I imagine they would be more likely than usual to actually have a problem with this being discussed per their NDA not allowing results of shops to be discussed.

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