Need a "pen" pal? Someone to send / receive small packages to / from across the country?

Uh, JAS, did some okra kick your dog when you were little? That was a heck of a rant, even for okra!


Okay, I grew up in the south, but I HATE okra...I make my gumbo without it. I don't like it fried, boiled, or any other way you can think of, it's a nasty ass vegetable, if you can even call it a vegetable, because it's a starchy piece of @#$%& green thing that should not be on the planet. There. Rant over.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope

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I had depression era parents who made us eat everything on our plates. My bowl of gumbo was practically licked clean other than the pieces of okra in it. I had to sit for a long time staring at that okra while everyone else got to eat dessert. I wouldn't touch it and would rather not eat dessert. So yeah, that okra figuratively bit me on my ass!!!!!
@ShoppingDad wrote:

@JustForFun wrote:

@ShoppingDad wrote:


I got the impression the OP was referring to post office shops.

Seems like too much detail for that. Sending thank you notes etc.

No problem. I'll know to expect yours to be all business. LOL

Dont expect mine at all. Enjoy.
Yeah, I got that. All business, prefer to lob grenades.

I've edited my earlier post to make it easier for some to catch the sarcasm. Sorry I wasn't clearer [sarcasm]
@ShoppingDad wrote:

@JustForFun wrote:

I'll concede that there are more efficient ways to make these arrangements, for those who don't feel a need to keep their forum ID and their address unlinked. For me, that's important.

Sooooooo, everyone should have no problem sending their forum ID and address to you?

Funniest thing I've read today. Thanks for the chuckle.

This was never about what "everyone" should do. Try to follow along, please. [sarcasm]

Actually, I'm aware that some people will have a problem with it. That's fine with me. I'm also aware of the irony of asking for for an address and userID in exchange for not revealing the link between the two to others, and I've had my own chuckle on that. I'm absolutely clear where you stand, but for some the risk is worth it.
It is always good to float new ideas and solutions. I see the logic and positive possibilities. I just prefer to stay as anonymous as possible, non-social as I am.

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