Is Zaxby’s shopped?

The reason I ask is only because I am trying to determine if I am daft. I could swear I had seen a posting or two within the last year but never knew where one of the restaurants was. Now I know where they are and cannot, for the life of me, remember what company had it. I am starting to believe that I did not really see postings. Maybe it was just a shopper dream or a hallucination. So, of course I am not asking what MSC shops them, only whether they are shopped at all or have been within the last year. Thanks.


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Some locations are shopped sporadically by the MSC that used to shop all of them. Some locations are shopped off the board by another MSC.

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Whew. I really thought I was going wacko (more). Can't find them but I'll keep looking. They probably go quickly.

In my area, they are with the same MSC who used to shop all locations monthly. Now, they've scaled back, and locations are rotated, so they roll around infrequently. Another difference is that now, one specific menu item has to be ordered. No longer a choice, and there's a reduced reimbursement amount. Yet, they still go quickly.
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