I'm usually very positive and maybe its just me, but lately I keep getting schedulers who seem a little snarky. Yes I make mistakes but I also go out of my way to learn from it and try to correct it. Is this just me? maybe it is. give me some feedback that it is, and I will adjust my attitude. I know they are busy...I know they are overwhelmed. But teamwork makes the dream work. Try to get those jobs done without us in the field is my current attitude.

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You should provide more details. Schedulers do not evaluate or approve your work. They do look at your previous work, if available, when determining your future with them.

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If I may be my own experience, there are a few "unpleasant" coordinators now & then. I thought (at times), that I...I...was the one doing them the favor/service. My attitude reflected that. However, the truth of it is, I still work for them (even as an Independent Contractor).
Their jobs are hectic at times and they depend on us to complete them. Once I reflected on that, I realized that I did need an attitude adjustment at times. Kudos to you for your 10 rating! I strive hard for that as well.

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Schedulers schedule shops, and editors edit your shops and give you feedback on the shop, in most cases. Once the shop has been scheduled and completed, it moves on to the editing department and it's out of the scheduler's hands, usually. There are a few smaller MSCs that have project managers who do both, but that's more the exception than the rule.

@chzbabe wrote:

maybe its me. I will go with that for now. Been a
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