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I have a brain injury and tried to do a shop and asked for help and did not get it. It created confusion in reporting it and I was accused of doing things I did not do and denied payment. What can I do to restore my reputation?

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You need to talk to the Mystery Shopping Company who you shopped for, start with the scheduler and ask who you should speak with.
"Dear Mystery Shopping Company: I asked for clarification before doing the shop, but I did not receive answers to my questions. I understand now I should have cancelled the shop, or rescheduled until I received answers to my questions. I apologize for the misunderstanding, and I will not do another shop without full understanding of the requirements. I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused, and do hope you will give me a chance to do other shops."
OMG. That's just awful. Who said that, a scheduler? Did you get an e-mail, or what?

Sorry this happened. However, there are many more MSCs out there -- sign up with the other companies.

In future, if you don't get answers to your questions, reschedule or cancel the shop.

And come here for help. You'll find a helpful, supportive group on here.
And, you will find other brain-injured persons who have found a place in this large industry.

Obviously, you are smart enough and well enough to see that need for clarification. You are brave enough to ask for it regarding a shop and to seek feedback from this forum.

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