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I have a brain injury and tried to do a shop and asked for help and did not get it. It created confusion in reporting it and I was accused of doing things I did not do and denied payment. What can I do to restore my reputation?

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You need to talk to the Mystery Shopping Company who you shopped for, start with the scheduler and ask who you should speak with.
"Dear Mystery Shopping Company: I asked for clarification before doing the shop, but I did not receive answers to my questions. I understand now I should have cancelled the shop, or rescheduled until I received answers to my questions. I apologize for the misunderstanding, and I will not do another shop without full understanding of the requirements. I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused, and do hope you will give me a chance to do other shops."
OMG. That's just awful. Who said that, a scheduler? Did you get an e-mail, or what?

Sorry this happened. However, there are many more MSCs out there -- sign up with the other companies.

In future, if you don't get answers to your questions, reschedule or cancel the shop.

And come here for help. You'll find a helpful, supportive group on here.
And, you will find other brain-injured persons who have found a place in this large industry.

Obviously, you are smart enough and well enough to see that need for clarification. You are brave enough to ask for it regarding a shop and to seek feedback from this forum.

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Please get back to us and let us know who called you dumb? Was it the scheduler? Was it the editor? I would doubt it was the MSC.
I came across very few out-of-line schedulers. I feel there could have been better communication between you two. Maybe you could offer to do another shop. There is a very high scheduler and editors turnover rate; do not let one person spoil the experience.
Move on. Being called dumb doesn't mean that you are. And, having been told you are "too dumb to work for us" by someone at a company, certainly you don't still want to work for that company. There is nowhere to report them. Telling someone he is "too dumb to work for us" is rude but not a crime or violation of law. And, as an independent contractor, you were not an employee of the company so employment law does not apply and the company is not required to make allowances for your health condition. There are a lot of mystery shopping companies (see the list below). Sign up with as many as you can and I'm sure you will find many that are very pleasant to work with.
Don't give up. Some shops are just more difficult than others and aren't suited for when we are starting out. If you could provide either the MSC name OR the assignment (not both), we could give you some direction. Perhaps steer you to a MSC that is beginner friendly. And by that I also mean those that have easy access to schedulers, etc.
@ckoeh5405 wrote:

I tried to do this and was told I was too dumb to work for them . Where do I report them?

If you have been diagnosed with the brain injury from a Doctor and they are keeping you from working that is a violation of the Americans with Disability Act. It is complicated to get resolved but it might get some people retrained. Too bad we can't shop the MSCs.
ckoeh5405, come back.

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There should be universal understanding and a general celebration of the fact that a disabled person is willing to try new things, to attempt work, and to express two (and possibly three) potential no-nos.

Keep in mind that other posters, who asaik do not have brain injuries, have expressed their ideas and frustrations regarding unclear shop guidelines. Some of them have been through the wringer! But have any of those persons been told that they are 'too dumb' to work for the MSC?

Things are not to be judged good or bad merely because the public think so. - Tacitus
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