Ever do something when NOT on a shop, just because you can?

Today I ate at an small chain establishment I've shopped for hundreds of times, and today, because the shop was not available, I decided to eat there anyway on my own dime and even though I find a booth more comfortable, I SAT AT THE COUNTER. I've never been allowed to do that before. So what have you done for no other reason than to tell the guidelines to suck it?

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Ordering a grilled chicken sandwich at a FF place I occasionally do shops for. You are not allowed to order chicken for a shop.

A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.
I hear ya.

I'm more likely to be going "OMG, I wish I was shopping this place! The customer service SUCKS!"

Even more likely to fix tacos at home and go "Take that, Taco John's! -- my tacos are way, way better than yours, and I can make SIX for what you charge for one!"

Or prepare a burger (two 2 oz. patties with bleu cheese between the patties) and go "Take that, burger chain! My burgers are twice as good as yours, and I can feed a whole family my burgers for what you charge for ONE!"


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I get a bottle of wine, but I also address all the staff by name, dismiss the manager if they come by the table and take overt pictures of my food. It's very liberating!
I pay no attention to the time anything happens and am sooo happy if no one tries to up sell, spend my time telling me things i don't care about, ask me 3x if I want dessert. I am also sooo happy if I finally get comped something when I am not on a shop and the money saved is out of my pocket and not the msc or client's pocket.
I have walked out of several restaurants because of poor service that I never could while on a shop. If I'm getting reimbursed for the food, I have no choice but to deal with the poor service, but I refuse to pay for it myself. Same for hardware stores, big box stores, and retail shops. If they don't want my money, I'm sure as heck not going to force them to take it!
At one Japanese style restaurant I only have 2 choices on a shop. I like going and ordering what I want.

I hate pop, so am always glad when I can order a meal and no drink.

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Lol yep. Because of some shops I've discovered some new food places or new food items and have craved them so badly that I couldn't wait until a shop became available lol haha so yes I can relate. Nothing expensive though otherwise I would definitely wait for a shop.
I like to accost associates passing me by inhome improvement stores to tell them thanks but I dont need any help. The looks i get are hilarious.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
I ate at El Pollo Loco while on a route, and I reveled at not having to fill out a report afterwards.
@kenasch wrote:

When not on a shop I will stare at a name tag and make a comment about their name. Usually improves service.
I have lost count of how many times a robotic clerk became smiling, upbeat, and friendly after I asked their name.
Ha ha receipt ask good one. If I go to a mickey dees and they have a messy counter or bathroom, I tell them they may wish to fix this as I heard a gang of mystery shoppers were heading this way.
I order lobster, take food home in doggie bags, don’t spill water or lotion on the vanity and then capture before and after shots of Housekeeping stayover service, don’t request a clothes steamer, I ONLY take shots of food with the covers OFF, I don’t capture, verbatim, opening and closing quotes with everyone I interact with, and my guest and I bring our own bags down when we’re checking out.

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There is something about stacking small patties on a bun that just changes everything, for the better. Definitely worth the trouble of making all those little burgers.

@ceasesmith wrote:

Or prepare a burger (two 2 oz. patties with bleu cheese between the patties) and go "Take that, burger chain! My burgers are twice as good as yours, and I can feed a whole family my burgers for what you charge for ONE!"

I flirt back if the employee flirts with me.

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 30 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.
I use the facilities when that is necessary.

If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music. - Gustav Mahler
I LOOOVE staying in hotels when I am not shopping them. I do not request a single, solitary thing from housekeeping. I do not ask questions of any staff members and I don't even glance at their nametags, not even once. Every photo I take is of the people I am with, none of the hotel itself. It is very liberating.
No timings, order whatever not worrying about reimbursement and go hog wild, thanking the cashier and servers by name, and the best, no pictures, just a customer without a thought about service. I do have it embedded in my tiny brain to look for tags, smiles, thank you's....UGH!!

Live consciously....
@Shop-et-al wrote:

I use the facilities when that is necessary.

Yep, I pee at gas stations. Don't buy anything, don't talk to anybody, don't make eye contact. Beeline for the restroom, leave my donation, and breeze right out. And I usually choose brands that I know are generally clean from having shopped them.


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Okay, this is just how wild and crazy I am. I went to a nice Italian restaurant on my own time that I have shopped a few times and I Made A Special Request that altered the timings! Whoa, so glad I got that off my chest.
Love going to my favorite Japanese BBQ and ordering (on my own) the noodle bowl, as a shopper I am told what to order, so this is heaven.

Live consciously....
Irene, you can order additional items if it's the one I think. Download the app and you get a $10 credit which you can use in addition to your reimbursement and cover everything easily.

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