how does this work

how do i find jobs a the companies i work with i go in and evaluate the quality of the store are the restrooms clean ? did i get greeted on my way in? was she wearing a name tag? at most i get paid anywhere from 12 to 25 dollars for each store or restaurant i do i have no idea what this is about or how it works

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Hi Charlie, first you have to sign up with some of the companies on the official list (link at the bottom of the page). Each company has guidelines for various shops. After you get accepted for a shopper and get assigned some shops in your area, the mystery shopping company will provide you with guidelines and a report form that you will fill out on their secure website. Different MSCs have different types of shops that vary in degrees of difficulty and will have different amounts of pay. I would suggest signing up with Marketforce as a place to get started. They have pretty easy shops so you can learn and get comfortable.
I know you were just asking a question, but when you do a report you need to use proper English and structured sentences. I am not criticizing you on the forum, but hope you understand how important it is to have proper narratives.
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