Victoria's Secret Reimbursement Shops Experiences

Good morning,

I am looking at and considering picking up a few Victoria's Secret shops in my area. From what I can see, they are very involved (counting stock of about a half dozen items in the drawers, checking to see if other things are available without a count, trying on several bras, detailing the sales person's processes and comments, etc.) and I wonder how awkward or obvious I would be trying to walk around, count stock, and discreetly take notes while also bra shopping and trying to look like a regular customer. However, I also know that the guidelines can make the shop seem much more difficult and involved than it plays out in real life. The reimbursement is $150, and though I don't normally shop there, I could do with a pretty bra or three.

Has anyone done these in the past? Any experience, thoughts, or comments you care to share?

Thanks in advance.

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Too darn bad you mentioned the client, 'cause now you can't tell me the MSC!!!

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(Past experience would lead me to believe that there are NO $150 reimbursement shops with simple/easy reports -- you're gonna earn that money, my dear!)
I actually used to do these kinds of shops back when I was a full-time shopper. The caveat was that I would have to bring a female with me for the fitting and sales interactions. The salespeople were so concerned with attending to my "guest" that they hardly noticed me pilfering the drawers and inspecting the required areas. My suggestion is to bring a partner, specifically a male, who the sales staff have no desire to engage....

You can't walk into a VS as a single male without being approached, but if you are partnered with a female, they ignore you and go right to the female.
Sort of the opposite of a couple going into a new car dealership...head right for the guy, ignore the woman!
@ceasesmith wrote:

(Past experience would lead me to believe that there are NO $150 reimbursement shops with simple/easy reports -- you're gonna earn that money, my dear!)

I tend to disagree. To me most high reimbursement *merchandise* shops I've seen are actually easier than most low reimbursement shops. I've bought $200 leather goods, $100 cologne, $100 adult toys (HA!) and found most of the reports similar to the $35 reimbursement shoe store, and definitely easier than most of the $10-$15 reimbursed clothing shops.

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So while the woman is trying on bras, the man is opening drawers and counting panties on the sly? That's funny.
I completed this shop last month got paid 2 weeks later. A bit labour intensive to count the required stock, but well worth it for me. I love Victoria secret bras and was able to squeeze 3 bras and 6 pairs of panties into the reimbursement thanks to the promotional at the time of my visit. I really don't care about the no fee, as the high reimbursement was of such value to me. I was exhausted at the end of the shop, the report was of average length for a high end restaurant, but again so worth it to me.
I know we are not allowed to say which MSC but is it a big name company or at least what is the first letter.

I work with about 15 MSC's and do not see any VS in my area. I love their clothes and would love to shop them for this.
I have done thousands of shops in my three years of mystery shopping. This was only my third shop I have ever done for this company. But the company has definitely been discussed here before.
I recently completed this shop and the report was much easier than I thought it would be in comparison to shops I've done for way less reimbursement. I walked in and I was able to check the inventory without any issues. It took about an hour and a half with the inventory check, bra fitting and shopping, but it was worth it for me. There were a few other women going through drawers as well so I blended right in.
I did one yesterday, the report took me less than 10 min. I got 4 bras, 5 panties for $149.xx. They completely ignored me, so doing stock checks was easy.
The demographic should be 18-38 (max). I did not look at the job details though. I haven't shopped there since I was in my 20's.
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