Scam shop involving gift cards

There is someone pretending to be from KSS offering a $30 shop fee to buy eBay gift cards. It’s pretty obviously a scam but wanted to put a warning on the record in case anyone is considering the offer.

It came as a text message-
RETAIL STORE MYSTERY SHOP:                                                                             We have been contracted to conduct a retail store customer experience survey in your city.   Shopper fee is 30 dollars for each shop done.  To apply visit the link:  (removed)                                                            A scheduler will contact you via email and text from KSS. please read the instructions before applying. KSS scheduling

The email from the scheduler has the domain

They are using the website: []

Shopping since 2009

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It's good to know someone didn't fall for this.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I got this same shop in a text, using a tinyurl link that goes to an incorrect email "kernschedulings" ... first clue was the amount, 2nd clue was "preffered stores" (preferred misspelled), 3rd clue was buying $200 gift cards ...
Do I feel like an idiot? Yes.
And there were red flags that a more experienced shopper may have seen, that I didn’t.
These a**holes have gone to a lot of work to appear legit.
I got a text from a “scheduler” asking if I wanted the assignment.
I got an assignment confirmation text from “Bestmark”
I got an email from the scheduler with Bestmark logo, address and tagline confirming the assignment, a shopper id number and a link to the report.
I submitted everything.
I text messaged the “scheduler” that I could not login to BestMark with my shopper number. She said it may not have gone through yet, but not to worry – I would get an email confirming my survey was submitted. And asking would I like to do more shops?
I felt something was wrong and jumped on ebay - the card had already been linked to another account.
Ebay can’t do anything.
I submitted everything I had – text messages, numbers, emails to the Federal Internet Fraud website. But am 99% sure I won’t receive any follow-up.
I sent a text graphically describing the horrible things I hope happen to their future and current children, their parents and them.
Later that afternoon I got an email that my survey was accepted.
The next day I got an email scoring my survey 10/10.
All communication looked legit, same format and fonts.
Any other time of year I would not have had the money to front this, but I’d saved for my kid’s Christmas and now they will “pay” for my stupidity. I feel worse than you could possibly know so please don’t comment “you should have known” – I tell myself every second.
I almost fell for it too- definitely seemed legit. How much did you lose? In my case they wanted me to go to 5 stores x $200 each.

Shopping since 2009
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