Regular box shops - how to get them?

I run a non-profit on a shoestring and would love to get regular box shops in order to send year-end thank you gifts to our donors. Have plenty of Hazmats but the employees are too good to actually get anything mailed. smiling smiley Any tips how to get the regular ones?? Even some I've applied there sit on the boards, unassigned.

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Some schedulers assign them quickly, but there is one particular scheduler who lets applications sit for days and days, and takes several days to respond to emails. I often have to delete my applications since I have already taken the trip by the time she gets around to assigning shops. She must work only very limited hours and not regularly check her applications and emails.
Do the HAZ shops, buy large denomination stamps when they refuse your package and use the large denomination stamps ($1, $2, $5, $7.35, etc.) to mail your year-end packages.

Just a thought...

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I always e-mail the scheduler directly and ask her.

You do know how to find who the scheduler is, right?
Yes, there is a stamp that is the same denomination as the postage on the small flat rate box. I buy those with a few dollar stamps on the Hazmat shops. Not all post offices have them but just ask.
There are very few shops left for this year of any type right now. Maybe you can wait and thank your people in the new year when more shops will probably be up. Or if you choose a lightweight gift you can send three or four of those to different people for the same rate as sending one priority mail package using stamps from Hazmat.
Yes, thanks! Oddly they respond quickly to emails but still don't assign...

Shopping domestic and international locations since 2003.
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