Those aren't my photos... that's not my report

A shop I submitted in the afternoon came back with questions about supposed nighttime photos. Hmm... can't open up the report on my phone, so I did that when I got home (two states away)... someone else's photos and answers were mixed in with my report. A lot of it could be fixed because it created discrepencies, but some of the photos were accepted and couldn't be changed. I don't know if the editors can restore my report or if I'll have to redo it.

I'd find it a little amusing if I weren't at the end of a 15 hour route!

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I don't see why you should have to re-do the report if the error was not yours. Whatever behind-the-scenes issue may have taken place is certainly not your problem; it is that of the MSC, and they should do the honorable thing and pay you for your efforts.
Maybe somebody had the shop before you and didn't do it right so they reassigned it without deleting the old information?
Oh I hadn't thought of that, but no, this was a different location, as well.

It's all sorted out now, so that's good!
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