The new BP nonreveal dark audits

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Hi @MrEd - Can you elaborate on where you saw the appeal link that didn't work? We've had a few complaints about this but haven't been able to track it down. Info on whether you're using the website or app and what type of device also welcome. Thanks!

Colleen (from Presto)

The appeal link on the app does not work. It did work on the website but with no response.

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@MrEd I see what you mean. Thanks for the info! In the meantime, that link does work in a browser so if you need it, try from a mobile browser or computer. We'll try to get that fixed up soon.
I didn't have any of mine kicked back. What I did was zoom in far enough on the overall shot that it showed a bit of the surrounding parking lot, or more, as long as the picture was clear. For the MID, I took a picture of it from top to bottom, making sure that glare did not make it unreadable, but you could definitely see the background in it.

Also, turn on your geolocation for these pictures. That, at least, will help to prove that they're different locations, if they were taken at different places. Giving a different background on the pictures (especially with an infraction) will help eliminate that. So, take it from a different angle. Make sure you get something different in the picture.

@c_bot I'm not certain where the appeal link is. I know I've seen it. However, could you do something about people who claim all the shops, have multiple addresses so they can get around limits, etc? grinning smiley I mean, giving them the inability to reclaim a shop for a certain period of time, like 24 hours or something, when it times out would be stellar. I run into a shop hog with just about every single release regardless of company that it's for.
I had the appeal link work the first time I tried it. The next time that I did I got no response. I had a shop rejected that stated that I uploaded pictures from the prior location, that was already gone off of my list, on the subsequent location. However, when I looked at the pictures saved on my phone I found the pictures from the second location there, at the time that my report submission said that it was. Since I had to return to that location anyway, I redid the assignment instead of fighting about it. It sure would have been nice to have had the opportunity to dispute the rejection though. What is currently irking me is assignments that are showing as available but really are not. I also dislike the inability to schedule any further than 48 hours out. It makes it really hard to plan a route (plus those that hog the shops and don't do them - only having one or two locations pop back up in an area after I've already been there means they just sit). I know I've lost out on income because I can't plan a route around 2 locations.
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