Another Post Office Shop Issue

Jas, thanks for the info! I tried the renaming on my IPad and didn’t have any luck. Did anyone with an iPhone or iPad have success doing this? I don’t have a laptop.

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I have an iPhone. You take the picture outside of the app and the upload it to save in files. It allows you to rename it there. Then in the app you select to pick it from your files instead of camera or photos. Hope this helps.
Naming the photos? I have NEVER done that.

Wouldn't know how.

Can someone tell me, please, why a photo has to be "named" when you are merely putting it in a slot that is already "named"? I mean, you put the receipt photo where it say to put the receipt photo!

And how do you "name"a photo????
I hear ya. The guidelines tell you the format they want it to be named. I just learned how to do it on my phone by going into "my files", clicking "images", finding the photo (the box pic I just took) and pressing my finger on it (which creates a checkbox to the left side of the photo), and then clicking the top right corner of the screen where there are 3 vertical dots. The 3 vertical dots opens up a menu that has a "rename" option. When you click on that, it opens up a place to rename the file from the series of numbers that your phone has allocated to the image and you can type in the name you want to give it.
Yikes. I'll have to print that out (with your permission) and keep it by my computer. My new(er) iPhone is on the way, and I GUESS I'll have to learn that.

OMG. Maybe time for me to retire from MSing? The learning curve is just too steep!!!

Although at my age, challenging myself to learn...(um, think four letter word here) "stuff" keeps my brain....supple?
That's for a Samsung S9+ (android). I have no idea how the iPhone is setup, it might have different steps. At any rate, it is much easier to rename photos on a computer.
Heck, I can't even FIND my photos on my new computer. It's a laptop with Win10.

Just hope I don't run into this requirement, because I would be utterly LOST.
There should be a folder with photos in it. If you click on the file icon, you should see a menu with documents, photos, etc.
Thanks for all the good information on here. I found my files folder on my iPad and after googling how to do it, successfully renamed an image. If nothing else, learning this technology is stimulating my brain LOL.
I've been renaming them on my desktop before uploading. It used to be a faster process just to upload from the app from the phone directly. I'm about to upgrade to an iPhone 11 unless I hold out a couple of months for the 12. It didn't seem that easy to rename them from the phone itself. I can do it from the cloud easily though.
I just want to do it all, including submitting the report, in the field on the app and be done with it. That way if I have a shop that takes thinking (like creating detailed narratives) when I get home, I'm free to do that.
@BirdyC wrote:

@msimon-2000 wrote:

I have been answering the question literally at 4 customers at the moment I joined the line, but I also add a comment at the bottom explaining what occurred. So far, so good.

Fortunately, this is one of those surveys that lets you add comments at the end. I find myself using that feature a LOT! I wish more MSCs would add that to their forms.

I wish the A closer look disclaimer was at the end of the report for the same reason. Many times I find issues that want to report only when I reach the end of the report. For that reason I do not fill out the ACL disclaimer until I finish reporitng and I am ready to submit.
I'm curious as to how these changes will end up affecting the market and pricing structures.... I just do do a fair number of these shops, but when the MSC merged with (acquired?) another MSC (greatly increasing their shopper roles) and began to pay far more frequently, these shops starting flying off the board around here like never before. Now, they rarely have the bonuses attached to them that drive me to pounce - even for the visits out in the sticks.

If these changes are as onerous as they sound, perhaps the market will be reset a little....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I have to agree. We are all seasoned shoppers, and we are struggling with some of these changes. For a new shopper or an occasional shopper, this might prove too difficult.
If you do any post office shops going forward, you will run into ths requirement because it's in the new guidelines.

Good news: the scheduler emailed me back that the info on how to name the photos in Mobi is on the website in Mobi Audit FAQ. I haven't looked yet.

Updated: i looked at the website and the info the scheduler said was there isn't there.

@ceasesmith wrote:

Heck, I can't even FIND my photos on my new computer. It's a laptop with Win10.

Just hope I don't run into this requirement, because I would be utterly LOST.

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iShop123, this happened to me a year or so ago. I went from being scheduled 40+ a month to just a few and never near me or each other. Sending emails did not make a difference for me. I was scheduled this month for a majority of what I requested which is wonderful but I don't rely on these shops anymore like I did when I began shopping and no longer take the out of the way jobs unless they fit my schedule. As for the changes, I have been submitting my reports when I get home in the the order I performed them in and within the 8 hours ( I find I occasionally make a mistake with the clock hands or mistype a number on my phone using the app so I check all work on my computer at home and save a copy before submitting.) I've taken the photos with the app as always and haven't changed the names since I have no idea how and the app doesn't give an option. So far all jobs have been approved.
That's wonderful news! Maybe the editors don't know about the guideline changes yet either? That wouldn't surprise me, LOL!!!!
wwin, that is good news. These new requirement could force my retirement from MSing.

As far as tech goes, I'm convinced I have tech-dyslexia.
You mean just made up a new word.

Anyone remember sniglets from HBO in the late 1970s or early 80s? I think it was Rich Hall...I made up quite a few of them myself. Ignoranus is one of my favorites (ignorant a-hole) instead of ignoramus, get it?. Also, suffeces (sufficiently chitty). I love weird stuff like that.
So, if anyone has trouble with tiny typing as I do and wants to use the app to submit these shops on the road, this is what I do: At home, when prepping for the route, I create a document and type a list of the photo labels that are required in the format they want.  I attach the list to an email (you could also cloud it but I don't cloud) then open my email on the phone and download my pre-typed list.  Open the list then copy and paste each line on its corresponding photo right after I've captured an image.

To rename the photo (android): take the picture. Tap the review button to open the pic you just took (review button should show a tiny image of the thing you just took a picture of, maybe in the lower corner).  Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.  Tap details.  Tap edit.  Erase the numerical file name or title that is already there. Select and copy file name from the pre-printed list and paste where I have just erased the original file name. Tap save.  I do this to the box before I go into the location and later to the receipt when I have come out, so I don't get them mixed up.

It's a lot of extra steps but I am sure I will not label them correctly if typing directly on the phone.

Are you sure? I mean, I get why you would know that you don't have Word. But Notepad or some other similar program is preinstalled on most computers.

According to another thread (link above), you wrote that you DO have Notepad. I guess you forgot you had it.

You know the start button on your tool bar? If you click on it, it opens a "menu" of files. Notepad should be listed. You click on it. It opens. You write in it. You click "save as" and name it. That's all there is to it.
Cease, we're all coming over tomorrow to teach you this stuff. Have breakfast wine ready. I'll bring the convenience store peanuts.

OMG, I wish you would!

Yes, had Notepad -- but that computer died, and I've just had this one a couple weeks, and it came with NOTHING pre-loaded. I mean NOTHING.

sad smiley
I will say I’m a visual learner for sure and I tried to follow the above tips but was still a little lost as I’m not tech savvy. My husband told me to look for a YouTube video on how to rename photos on an iPhone and found one easily and was easily able to rename my photos for my 5 shops today. So, if nothing else and anyone still seems a little lost maybe try that! On a side note I emailed my scheduler before I found out how to do this and she said she had no idea we had to do this and let her know if I couldn’t figure it out and she would see what she could do. So, it appears lots of people are lost on this lol
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