Shop Report Writing Course - Need Volunteers

Hi there! I have been on-and-off developing an online course for Bar/Restaurant shoppers on how to write a better shop report. I'd really like to get this finished, but I could use some feedback from "students." Is anyone interested in taking the course for free in return for some quality feedback? Please shoot me an email at if you're interested. Thanks a lot and happy shopping smiling smiley

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You could understand why some of us might be reserved about signing up for something like this and giving personal information, right? If you are a MSC rep, it would be helpful to know who you work for. If you are not, I would have to wonder what makes you qualified to create such a course? No offense meant, by the way, but the internet is not always a safe place and I don't know you.
No. Not in the post. But, when I email someone, they then have my email address, and that's personal info in my opinion. And generally, when someone signs up for a course, there is some sort of information required.
In my nearly 20 years of mystery shopping, I have never had a need to use a "dummy" email for anything. I have used an alias before when mystery shopping, but never when signing up for courses, classes, workshops, etc.
If you consider your email address to be private information, a secondary email solves that problem.
One question: how many MSC's provide writing samples for their reports, and how does this affect the actual need for the writing course?

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Every MSC has a different style and expectation so I don't know how you could write a course on this.
Yeah especially if you tell an editor that DBA is Doing Business As. Which they somehow forgot to teach this editor.

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The OP gave their email address and asked for shoppers to email her if they were interested. If shoppers did this, the OP would have their email address (or dummy email if they had thought it through and been wary). I certainly never raised the point that I was going to do it. I asked the OP questions which they never came back to answer.

@1cent wrote:

Fair except that it was the point you raised.
I do not see a need for a generic course like the OP is wanting to charge for. The reason is that every MSC has their own criteria, needs, wants, etc. based on the client. Additionally, the editors that can be used to go over our reports could be outsourced and very quick turn over with contractors. I have had a bar audit come back stating that every no answer required a detailed explanation. The problem is that "no" was the appropriate answer. For example: No, I did not see the bartender put cash in their pocket; no, I did not see the bartender give free food or drinks to employees or people who appeared to be "friends"; no, I did not see the bartender over-pour, and so on.

I am with some of the other individuals who have responded: where are you OP and why have you not responded to any of the questions?????

I know it was questioned above if the OP worked for an MSC. I am wondering if they are a bartender or manager where bar shops/audits are done and want to know all the questions/items we are observing and taking notes on.

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