Market Force Gas Audits

The Market Force reporting system is sure confusing at times with their photo linking. Dang...

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I just completed 10 of them this month, and I thought the few changes they made in the forms/questions made the audit go much more smoothly and faster. I had no issue at all with uploading photos. I just named the photos with the shop number and description, "0000000000 Fuel Island", for example. The audits in my area this month were darkness shops, which made them go even faster because most were not as busy en the evenings as in the afternoons. I'm not sure what you mean by not being able to align the photos in their system. You just click the upload button and then select the photo from your hard drive.
If I were you, I'd contact the CEO and offer your services in IT.

I'm not kidding. They need all the GOOD help they can get.
@RacerTim wrote:

Does anyone else have these difficulties ? Geez !

No. Did about 17 of them with no problems what so ever
The shops usually go really well, but during this last week, the Market Force site was having some serious issues. Bit of advice for all of you....when you do these gas audits, make sure you read the guidelines for each individual shop because there could be small changes that, if not done correctly, will invalid your work. All of the gas shops are usually the same for a time period but some are 'conversion' locations which are being restored with different construction. Those reports will be slightly different. Thanks to all for you comments.
haha, sometimes the MF site runs well, but other times, it really has some issues. Thanks!
Thanks ! I seriously thought of doing just that....FedEx'ing a letter to the CEO and offering help....programmers can do that from any location.

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I have had the exact same issues as you, and in fact it got so bad I got on my phone to upload and link all of the photos which was extremely time consuming and annoying. Hopefully they are past it now but I'll probably up my fee for any photo intensive audits from now on.
WHAT? More info, please! Is that why they aren't already on "make an offer" this month? Is that why "caps" are still on?
Yep. I asked my scheduler. There was a meeting and they were told now being shopped quarterly. I was wondering why the make an offer was not there yet. I asked my scheduler and she said she did not know but there was a meeting and she would as. When the meeting was over, that’s what I was told. Sucks...

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I have not done one this year. But unless they have really changed it up if it like last year's report the linking of photos is not a big problem unless you say you have 3 pics of the main sign and you only have two or overall shots. The #1 receipt is the Gas receipt and receipt #2 is the Grocery/merchandise purchase.

They only have 49 shops left within a 125-mile radius of me and the best concentration that I could find is in Ada OK and that is only five shops and they are all dark shops which they can't label as 6 PM to 6 PM. Instead, they are labeled as normal 12 AM to 12 AM. And they are also audited. Thanks but no thanks Oh and they are going for $15.

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