How to Find Mystery Shopping Jobs in Your Area

If you're new to mystery shopping and are looking for mystery shopping jobs in your area, there are a few simple things you can do to get started.

1.Apply to mystery shopping companies. -- There are quite a few nationwide and international mystery shopping companies. They serve chain stores, restaurants, car dealerships, etc. So, what you can do to get started is sign up with a few of them. I recommend signing up with shop'n chek( and GapBuster ( to get started.

2. Search the MSPA for jobs in your area. -- The MSPA is the mystery shopping trade association. They have a nice feature on their website where you can search for jobs. Check it here here: []

3. Apply to more mystery shopping companies. -- The key to getting jobs as a mystery shopper is to simply apply to as many companies as you can. This can be time consuming, but it pays off because it is the most surefire method to find mystery shopping jobs in your area.

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Is it necessary to become a member of the MSPA to get better or more jobs, I paid money to join a couple of shopping networks, like Shadow Shopper and do not want to spend any money that is not benefcial. How much does it cost to do the MSPA membership???

no you don't need to join the MSPA to get more jobs, although it sometimes is helpful. Usually, the best way to get more jobs is simply to apply to more mystery shopping companies. Some companies give preference to shoppers who are certified by the MSPA however.

They have two levels of certiification -- silver, and gold. The silver is $15 -- and you can get it online through their website. They also have gold certification, which costs more and requires attending a live training session(they hold them in quite a few major cities.

What mystery shopping networks did you join?

I have been doing shops for the past year. I probably have done over 300. My problem is I want to do more apartment shops and retirement/nursing home shops.I'm a retired RN and was a Director of Nursing for 20 years. Do you know how I could get hooked up with a company or lots of companies that schedule these kind of shops. It would be retirement centers/assisted living or nursing homes. Any shops that cater to the elderly. I would appreciate any help you could give me in this area.
Thank-you, Carla Dolinka
Scottsdale, AZ.
P.S. I have a silver certification
I have done several P&C and Burger King mystery shops. I am wondering why Burger King is the only restaurant being observed. I am only 12 miles from 2 cities, Rome and Oneida, New York. There are many restaurants in these two cities. Is there any way I can get mystery shops for more restaurants. And for more grocery stores? There are many more than just P&C.
I am cautious I read some of your suggestions. So far I have found nothing about you in the suggested book Mystery Shopping Made Simple
I do appreciated the information offered on above subject matter.
I attempted to register with Gapbusters, but they would not let
me continue my application unless I gave them the name and email
address of a friend who might also be interested in Mystery Shopping.
I chose not to do this and am wondering if this is the usual practice?
Billie -- That is an unusual practice...looks like GapBuster is desperate for new mystery shoppers...

I say give them a fake name and email!

Hi I have been mystery shopping for a few months and signed up with shadow shoppers I seem to exhaust the shadow shopper and joined shopuntilyoudrop.
they seem to have a pretty good site. I live in a rural area where I have acess to Oklahoma,Texas,Kansas as well as New Mexico. I have to travel a bit to get to my shops. I find that I get most of my shops from CRI. In two weeks I have 18 shops. I know we have alot of wal-marts and fast food like burger king,sonic,carl's jr. I would like to find out the companies that handle these shops. I know that gapbuster has mcdonalds and radio shack. I am wondering if it is worth staying with shadow shoppers now that I know alot of companies that I can apply too.
Patricia I am currently with Shadow Shoppers and they are great if you have no time to register with 250+ companies on the web. They do charge but I have only joined for a trial period of 30 days at $4.99. The jobs they have gotten me have more than paid for that fee. However, since I found this forum and the great companies that Jacob has sent me, I will not be renewing with SS. I am going down the list that Jacob sent. Some do not pay and only reimburse. Those are the ones I try to stay away from. I figure if I am going to use my personal car and pay my own gas, I may as well get paid for the shop as well as get reimbursed for my purchases. Try Shadow Shopper's trial membership and then see if it would be best for you to continue.
Thanks for the help I hope to find work soon I have been looking for almost a year now and have still got nowhere with my seaech.
This will be my first time shopping. i dont know where to start . please help . i want to get jobs that are close to home because i have children and i want to be able to travel short distances with them if i have to
The Areas that I can cover are Pennsylvania, New Jersey,and Delaware..
and I can devote full time to being a mystery shopper.
I am a certifed silver shopper out of Mass Us an to also wonder how to find shops in my area and how to know what they offer fro clients . I am aware of some such as c reaserch and where Mcdonalds come from . but is there any better way to find out info about out clinets and areas with out breaking the rules?
I would like to inquire for opportunities to do mystery shopping here in the Nortern part of Thailand. mystery shoppers? Can I have the name of those companies looking for
I started out a couple months ago, and started with Shadow Shopper, it wasn' t even 24 hours and I had my first job, second-to-none got hold of me since I just wanted to see what it was about before I paid money. I have been on over 30 shops and the only drawback is how fast we get paid. I really enjoy it tho and still haven't paid for shadow shopper. My email is constantly full of opportunities. I joined gapbuster but i have a sister that works at McDonalds in NY and I am in MI, but I am not able to do them.. I was hoping to do a few of them.. I really enjoy shadow shopping and I talk to alot of people about doing it. Its alot of fun and we do make a difference.
The only way I have ever been able to find jobs in my area is to apply with many companies and wait for responses or check their boards. The only advantage to paying a company to do that for you is it will be a tax write off. Most of the jobs posted on the "you pay" sites are whats left after all the good shops are gone. Don't sell yourselves short by not applying to as many companies yourself. Sometimes there just aren't any shops in the area you live and sometimes companies are taking care of established shoppers before they hand out assignments to newbies.

Making the world a better place to shop, one assignment at a time...
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i found two very good mystery shopping company they are national shopping service satisfaction service they have very good shops they paying very good web sit is national shopping satisfaction they will help you
I would like to inquire for opportunities to do mystery shopping here in the west part of Malaysia mystery shoppers? Can I have the name of those companies looking for..Thank you.
Hello - I started MSing about 2mos ago and I am loving it! So far I have been doing work for Confero and CRI. Grocery stores and **** Hardware not so bad for the work that is involved if you find the ones with a bonus, but the regular pay is not that great. I would really like to find some better paying companies to get started with now that I know this is something I want to make a true go with. Flash do you or anyone else have any suggestions as to which companies I should register with and should I do the silver certifcation to help me get better offers? Right now I am a silver member through Shadow Shoppers. With the gas prices going through the roof and I live in the NC mountains, jobs are usually a little bit of a drive so I need a job that pays more that $11.00, you know what I mean???

Thanks in advance for your help!

Happy Shopping,

fancyrider-Please edit the client name from your post. Clients and MSPs should not be name together in the same post or thread winking smiley

Independent Scheduler
I don't know that anybody but Shadow Shopper pays attention to Shadow Shopper certifications. And my impression is that overall very little attention is paid to Silver Certification from the MSPA.

The best way to get jobs is to do what jobs you take well. If it is a company I have done many jobs for in the past and it is a "request" job, I am likely to get it because of having done many previous jobs with them, following directions and getting everything in on time in useable form. Sure we all screw up from time to time, but if it was one shop out of 50 that you have done for them correctly, you won't get on their YUCK list.

Do get your foot in the door with a number of companies and knock yourself out on the first jobs you do to improve your chances of being awarded the shops in the future. should be able to show you other companies who are shopping your area that you can sign up with.
Linda, From my forevever what it's worth dept. I joined a similar program when "they were desperate for shoppers in my area" and accepted their $2.99 30 day trial. I received some good info on for start-up (seriously). Received a ton of B.S. jobs to apply for. Not concerned about the chump change I paid to join, but I was soon irritated by being drilled by these companies for application info for chump change compensation. But after submitting a few, my e-mail exploded with companies seeking me. Now my problem is research for the real players and weeding out the 99%+ low payers. Still beats weeding out the 99%+ scams on the web. I put myself on the I pay under my control option to avoid having to abide by the very "small print concerning cancels and refunds, etc". Was not a bad investment as far as I am concerned. Hope this helps and wish you good luck and Kharma to you. Jimmy

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I have to run, they gave me a job 80 miles away, but pay me $50 in gas, and I also found on the way 2 other jobs and a restaurant.
I guess my daughter and I will have a fun day, do some sight seeing and shoot some pictures, to sell on the web.
I do mystery shopping but I would like to find teleshop jobs in Canada. Does any one know where to find a list of companies that use teleshoppers?
Thankx...Barb on the web
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