Geoverify app for mystery shopping: is it reliable?

There's a shop I'm interested in coming up but the MSC requires the Geoverify app to prove my presence at the location. I do not have this app. I was going to download it but ran smack into some very angry reviews by users who say it failed and left them with invalidated shops. Don't know if this means they're dummies who didn't use it properly or whether the app really does stinketh. Does anyone have experience with Geoverify? Thanks in advance.

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GV can be very inaccurate at times, and the MSCs know this. That's why they require additional proof of visit.

I was inside of a store and used GV. I put the code in my report. It said I was .2 miles away. The MSC scored me a 9. I told her that I was in the store when I used GV. She said she knew, and that was why she deducted one point.

GV is good for timing entry and exit. I use it a lot for that.

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No issues on my end.

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, just be sure to double check your permissions for the app in your device settings. In other words, be sure the app isn’t blocked from allowing to use your device’s GPS.

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I've used it many, many times. Only once did it fail. The MSC was one I had a solid reputation with and they pushed the shop through.
It works but sometimes it is so off. I was inside the store and the address was in the middle of the bay according to the app and had me as 0.4 away! Usually the MSs know that it is kind of off. The above poster who said they got 9 because of it, the MS sounds like Intellishop editors.
I have Geoverified over 200 locations, for one company alone, and I have only had 1 location not verify correctly. Many companies will ask for a second POV (i.e
., a receipt, a location photo, etc) along with a Geoverify code, because they know occassionally Geoverify is way off.

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Most MSCs recommend doing the Geoverify just outside of the entrance or in the parking lot. I always take a storefront photo to just for backup in case they have questions, since the embedded details show the location address.
I have used it over 500 times... it seems to be fine, short of a few minor "can't connect" issues...

Oh ya, and the "error, you are 0 miles from your location"
Sometimes in the boonies I get "No cellular network available". Not just for Geoverify, but for all uses of my iPhone.

I always just explain it in the report.

(Heck, we have small towns out here with billboards that proudly proclaim: We Have A Cell Tower!)

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I have used GeoVerify (the newer version is GPS Verifier) thousands of times and both work the same and well. Occasionally, it takes a long time to generate a code. Don't world. It will, even if you turn off your phone and turn it on hours later. There are some locations that tell me that I am miles away, but they are consistently that way and it is some coding information about where their postal address vs physical location. The map is always right.

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The first version of GeoVerify I had never, ever worked. Well, maybe once. I didn't use it for a long time, then when I had a shop that required it, I found that my old version was totally inoperable. I couldn't sit outside the location downloading the app, so I drove down the street, parked in a parking lot and downloaded it. Worked perfectly. Submitted a note with my report that the location code was going to be off by a little due to that. They accepted that explanation and OK'd the shop. But how frustrating!

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I have ha it showing me a quarter-mile to the west of the location. I also noted that my map also showed me driving a half-mile to the west. Guess they had the GPS satellites set for war games that day.
I've used it many times without issue. And a time or two it showed me as being further away than i really was. It seems to have some relationship to when your phone last requested a location. On those occasions where that data is close by it may use slightly outdated GPS data. A couple tips I use to avoid or mitigate this:

- I usually take one as I arrive to the shop and a second when I leave. When I do the report, I try the arrival code first. On those rare occasions that it isn't close enough, the backup code from when I left (taken in the identical position as I sit in the car ready to leave but maybe a half hour later) has always been usable for me.

- I avoid "test firing" the geoverify app from across or down the street prior to arriving at the shop. On my first use of the geoverify app I parked down the block at a gas station and ran a code to make sure I knew what to expect. Then I drove to the shop and ran a second one. The second code turned out to be no good. The phone had (I think) just given the app the recently-acquired location it had in memory from the test rather than pulling a new one off of the chip. So now I never do that. I don't ask for a code for any reason within a half hour or so period before I expect to need one that counts.

I think there may be some correlation between the performance received and the quality of the various phones, as well as a correlation between the GPS settings on the phone. Some phones actually have a GPS chip that can pinpoint the location, and others just have the ability to simulate that type of data by triangulating from the cell towers that are in range. The prior method is much more accurate. Inexpensive phones often omit the GPS chip as a way to save cost in the final product, and use the cell tower triangulation method exclusively. I use a major name flagship model of phone, generally, and set my GPS accuracy to the most accurate setting available using both chip and cell tower methods. But even with both of those in my favor I occasionally need to use that second "when I leave" code instead of the arrival code.

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FYI - True GPS reception pretty much requires a view of the overhead sky to work. Accuracy of any GPS based device indoors will be significantly impaired. Get your code from an outdoor location.
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