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Hey all,

I typically do my own taxes, because they are usually not that complicated However in 2019..I recieved an inheritance from my mom passing..for whatever reason the executor of the estate decided to sell my moms house then paid me the inheritance money from that sale
For tax purposes, Ive read that since Im the one who received the inheritance..Im not required to report it...

I was considering going to H and R block just to make sure...I have seen some shops for H and R pays both a job fee and reimbursement...

Have any of you done H and R block shops? Are they complicated?

Side Note; its a very complicated family drama/ conflict etc..the family has since made up..but not going to answer questions on why I didnt inherit the house..etc

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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I absolutely totally would NOT trust H & R Block, Hewitt Jackson, Liberty Tax, or any other chain tax prep place with anything outside the norm of W-2 and 1099 income. Actually, I wouldn't even trust them for that! Despite their protestations to the contrary, these people are NOT tax professionals.

You can access the information you need directly on the IRS website itself. You can print out any forms you may need for free, peruse them, and decide what to do.

Personally, I believe unless the house sold for millions, you owe no tax; but State law where you live may be different from Federal law.
You could ask a certified public accountant. I have had a CPA for years, best small investment I ever made.
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