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They can't be serious with this rate? 7-8hrs on site and the pay is $85-95, You must have a tablet to enter your reports while in the store. You start 1 hour before the store opens & end by 5pm local time. This audit requires a lot of walking or bending or stooping so you must be able to be on your feet for this long period of time. You will be required to complete and pass both a background check and drug test to qualify at a cost of $30.25 or $35.25. Minimum wage in my state is $7.25. I know you can write off the test cost but still...….

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I tried searching on Best Buy & the MSC company and I didn't find anything. Even if they were paying more, the only way I could do an all day job like this is if it was on the weekend or a holiday since I work full time.

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Here you go:
I see that I posted in 2014 that I like to make $1/minute = $60 hour. That has not changed.



Some posts from the person who used to schedule these (DanteScheduler)

The MSC just updated their page, its $85 for the two stores in my area & 6hrs. There are 5 Downstocking tasks & 5 Planogram tasks. For those who don't know what these terms are - Planogram: a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail products on shelves in order to maximize sales. Downstocking: is taking stuff from the warehouse onto the sales floor to be sold. Both of these jobs were part of my responsibilities when I worked retail at an auto parts store. Heck, downstocking was a several times a week task for anyone working in the store if we saw low inventory when fronting shelves (bringing most of the product to the front of the shelf & turning it all to face the correct direction) at the end of the night. Why is this something that BB hires out?

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The last time I checked, and granted that was a while ago, because as of yet, I don't see me spending the out of pocket to get the background and drug test done, although.... they are now doing some of these from the quicker paying company so.. I was half way considering looking into it. Anyway, I got off topic on my own topic.. :cough: Last time I checked, the background report and drug test were fully reimbursable upon successful completion/approval of your first shop. So, in theory you get that back, but it does seem to be a lot of work for that amount of money. I mean, I was wondering how long this audit actually is.. I'm just not standing for 8+ hours for this, but if it were done in 5 hours, I'd potentially consider it. The problem is, there's just no telling and I don't always have faith that an MSC will post the honest truth about how long something takes. I've had too many experiences where they like to tell you the MINIMUM time it will take the FASTEST shopper, not the average time it takes MOST shoppers.

Oh, do this $10 audit job in under 30 minutes - price check/update 50 items. Well, first, it's more than 50. It's like 53. That's not a big deal, but.. I'm being nitpicky. It takes more than an hour. Or trying to plan a route with shops based on how long they're supposed to take but nope, they take THREE times as long and now your route which was supposed to be five hours, is now 15.

Yeah, I just haven't bit that bullet yet for these, but they've been popping up for years. I'd consider it if it were a little higher, or I knew the time didn't take eight hours. It'd be a nice bit of money for a once a month gig.
Also I'm trying to keep this side hustle under wraps, I'd be afraid that I'd see someone that I work with or that knows a family member and then they say something to them. Spending hours in a store, stocking shelves & doing planograms it would be very hard for me to mislead what I was doing. This is another reason that I'm not interested in merchandising or doing in store demos.
My issue with this project is that they don't even guarantee you will get the shop. If I pay for the background check I want confirmation of a store Im guaranteed reoccurring.
Yeah well, this company that has taken over the shops now I am not thrilled with. I just recently signed up with them and they give you a shop rating of 0 to start with. And because they give you a rating of 0 instead of 5 like most Sassie companies do when you are new you can not get a shop if your rating is lower than a 4. Reminds me of when I first went looking for a job after trade school you have the training but that isn't good enough without some experience.
I'm trying for the audits but I'm having trouble with the tests has anybody out there done the test and passed it?? Is there anybody that can help me with it??
I have been doing these Audits for years. Once you get the hang of things they definitely don't take 7-8 hours. Most of the time I have to find something to do for 15-30 minutes because you have to be at the site for a minimum of 4 hours, and this is with a 45-55 minute lunch. At the most, in the large stores, I am at the location for 4.5 hours. I usually do 4-10 a month and I really like them. It a change of pace and the pay is quick.
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