Green gas stations

Day audits are coming out on Presto beginning of February for revealed audits. I’ve never done revealed. How hard are they and what do they pay? TIA

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But if the pay is the same as the MSC, and you get paid in a day or two....I'd sure be willing to try it!
Is "green gas station" the one that had big trouble in the Gulf of Mexico some years ago? Or am I asking for too much information? (Still learning the ropes here.)
Koko..that would be the one.

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So the pay is $19 including reimbursement. I have done over 400 non revealed but no revealed. Seems like a ton of work for that pay but maybe once you do them, it’s faster? I’d love some input from the veteran shoppers
I'm on the conference call and it's all a big hot mess. Shoppers saying they are 400 miles from home, do the shops, go home, and 3 or 4 days later, shops are rejected; no reason given, no way of correcting, nothing. Lots of complaints from the many shoppers on the call.

One shopper keeps saying the $19 (which INCLUDES the reimbursement for required gas and inside purchase) is "industry standard" and if you don't like it, you maybe shouldn't be shopping.

Egad. Evidently she doesn't have to drive an hour between each station.
Lol yep I heard all of that. I did over 60 nights audits and 5 were rejected. 3 no reason at all given. 2 for duplicate pictures on another shop which was a system flaw but I never got reimbursed. $19 seems very low to me when I could do the night audits for literally ten minutes and be gone. I don’t really have anything to compare it to though. Maybe it takes less time than I think. I did hear the shopper kissing butt lol
They're not difficult and once you've done a few they go more quickly. Incidentally, they expect to be audited. Give them the letter and they usually say "OK". Doing the audits in Presto may be even easier.
I gave up on the conference call after wasting an hour and a half of my time on it.

Don't get me wrong -- I am not bad-mouthing the MSC, the scheduler, or anyone. It did seem to me that shoppers with valid complaints/questions weren't really being addressed.

Since the drive time for me would be a minimum of an hour between shops, I couldn't possibly complete enough in daylight to pay the expenses of just driving. Shoppers where these stations are plentiful, it might be a different story.
They are hoping that doing them on the app will encourage people to take them for $16, but it is likely to have the opposite effect. Since the 24-hour deadline (from the time the shop is accepted) will make it extremely difficult for route shoppers to create a route, and there are so many things that can go wrong when we have to use the app, with no option to do things the old-fashioned (more reliable) way.
After watching the web session today IMO the only plus was the ability to self-assign. I don't travel far from home but I only do route shops and like to plan my month in advance. I also prefer to upload the report from the comfort of my home office and not use my car as my office. I will give the new system a try but am not pleased with planning my shops on the fly. Also not happy that the acceptance of the shop depends on the judgement of an editor with no rebuttal. And the pay continues to slide down with no opportunity to negotiate bonuses. Other than that it sounds great.
LOL. I can't help chuckling -- that just sounds sort of like, "Other than being dead, the victim was perfectly healthy."

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None of that sounds good to me except self assign. Not sure how they think all those shops in BFE are going to get done either. Last round I only did a few that were extremely convenient. It will be the same this time unless someone wants to throw money at me (and I don't see that happening.)
Being asked to do one as a rush job. $20 no reimbursement. No mystery shop component. Photo requirements are exacting and different.

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I shop the green gas station, 10-20 miles from my house for $60+ plus reimbursement, in a major metropolitan area. It is comparable what I got from the previous MS that had the account. The $10 dark are still sitting there and there are more than 5 near me that I just saw at presto. I also checked other major metropolitan areas in the northeast and the dark ones are still there for the misely $10. I do some blue and yellow for the other company starting with $20 plus reimbursements for the ones near my house so I can fill my tank, and never for that in the last week of the month. 1h drive is at more than $100 and there are more than 300 shops within a 100 radius that I see. $19 is not any industry standard.
Do you need a code to see these on Presto? I don't seem to see them anywhere. I live in Dallas btw.
@vince9 wrote:

Do you need a code to see these on Presto? I don't seem to see them anywhere. I live in Dallas btw.
No code. Probably gone. Expand your area and you will see them as bright purple pins, if they are still available.
The $19 pay is pretty stsndard. Yellow and blue are at 12 but a higher reimbursement brings them to 29 as well. They usually have taken 20-30 minutes. I normally do routes and plan weeks ahead. This 24 hours is for the birds. If you are going to make a living, you don't wait to arrange your income within 24 hours, you plan jobs ahead. I'll only be doing fill ins with these. I'm highly annoyed because these used to be a big part of my routes, with the newly bought company assigning a six week window for 60 of them and I could plan. Last year with the normal 3-4 day lead I only could do about 30. This year I expect to do 10.
@vince9 wrote:

Do you need a code to see these on Presto? I don't seem to see them anywhere. I live in Dallas btw.
In my area they are being released in groups. So, keep checking and you may find them pop up now.
Does anyone know how the purchase requirements work now? Is the fee a flat rate and you spend what you spend or is the rate plus reimbursement?
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