Need a little help with WIN10 and photos

Bluetooth will allow you to transfer your pictures from your phone to your computer wirelessly, meaning that you won't have to hook a cord up to either device. That will solve the issue with transferring pictures. You will need to search your computer for bluetooth, turn it on (likely by clicking on it), search your phone for bluetooth, turn it on (likely the same way), then pair the 2 devices for it to work. You may have done something similar to get your computer to print to your printer.

Since you have an iPhone you should be able to talk to Siri just by saying "Hey Siri" and she'll talk back just like Google did.

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Awesome, does that mean you will take someone's advice and give it a try? Go for it! We all know you can do this if you really want to do it.
I value all the advice I'm given.

And I appreciate the helpful forum members that give the advice.

And I have acted on a great deal of the advice I've been given.
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