Southern Oregon Shopper Needs Ship-To Buddy in Zone 5

If you happen to be in Zone 5, according to USPS shipping from Oregon to wherever you are, please PM me. I'm doing a HAZMAT shop, so I'll send rice or beans to you for your church or whatever other purpose. Cans of cat food, maybe, too, so you can give it to your Animal Shelter or your own cat, etc.

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You can also send items like that to a food bank....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.

About a year ago a bunch of forum members posted looking for mailing buddies in different areas. See link above.
She's looking for people who are NOT in the Pacific NW but are at least a zone 5 away, according to the post office.

@Phillipwalter84 wrote:

What? I'm in Eugene Oregon.
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